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Career Foxy’s European Tour: Season 4


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On FMM19 I went on a Phileas Fog inspired round the world trip using players as guides who needed to score a goal for me to move on to the next country. In total I “travelled” 80,000km and “visited” 59 different countries taking 6 seasons to complete the journey.



This year I wanted to do something similar as it was such a fun save but I didn’t want to do exactly the same thing so this save is inspired by Round the World but it does have some differences.

As the name suggests I will be travelling round Europe only but that does give me over 50 nations to visit. To move from one nation to another I will still need a local guide who’s job is to score a certain number of goals to complete that nation.

This time though I am going to use different players across all positions on the pitch and they will have a different number of goals they need to score for me to complete there homeland.

  • Strikers and Attacking Midfielders: 10 goals
  • Central Midfielders, Defensive Midfielders, Wide Midfielders and Wing Backs: 5 goals
  • Centre Backs: 2 goals
  • Goalkeepers: 1 goal

My journey will start using a ST or AM with 10 goals the target and then I will move down the list as I move countries. Once I have completed the positions I will go back to the beginning of the list and start again.


  • The players used must be natural in one of the positions but not natural further up the pitch e.g. A natural CB who is also natural as a DM would need to score 5 goals and be used in the midfielders category.
  • I must go through the list in the order above.
  • I must visit nations in order so the next nation I visit must be a neighbour of the previous country either with a land border or a direct route across water.

Club Choice and Route

I will be basing this save in Portugal and I will be managing Benfica as they are a good base team with a decent squad and some money to build the squad and buy in my guides. This save is about the journey and the random players I find much more than building up a small club from nothing and playing as a big team means I can concentrate on the players I want to use.

I also chose to manage in Portugal as it would have been a dead end if I had started else where and ended up in Portugal. My ultimate goal is to get from Lisbon all the way back to England and visit as many nations as possible on the way.


I am basing the nations I visit on whether they are geographically in Europe more than if they are in Europe in a football sense so it is unlikely I will go to nations like Israel or Kazakhstan even though they play in UEFA competitions as they are very much Asian in geography terms (yes I admit it I’m a nerd).

Save Setup

In order for this save to go relatively smoothly I will be using two unlockables from the beginning. They will be...

  • No transfer windows: This will allow me to move players on and bring in new guides as I go.
  • No work permits: Although all the players will be European some players will need a work permit to play in Portugal and as I am sure I will buying some pretty dodgy players as I go along I don’t want work permits to get in the way of a fun signing.

I did consider Sugar Daddy as well but part of the fun will be trying to improve the squad whilst keeping some money back for new guides so I decided against it.

I loaded the following leagues to get me 15,300 players.

  • Portugal top division
  • England top division
  • Germany top division
  • Spain top division

My First Guide

Obviously I start my journey in Portugal so the first player will be Portuguese and he will have to be either a ST/AM. I decided to use a player already in the squad just to get the ball rolling.



Rafa looks more than capable of getting goals quite quickly so hopefully we will be on the move early in the season.

I hope you will join me on this journey, thanks for reading and most comments are appreciated.

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Very nice club and player. Almost went with Benfica in my current save so looking forward to seeing how you get on here. Should be a fun follow. Goodluck! 

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1 hour ago, BatiGoal said:

Very nice club and player. Almost went with Benfica in my current save so looking forward to seeing how you get on here. Should be a fun follow. Goodluck! 

Thanks Bati, I have given myself a pretty easy start with my player choice for your beloved Portugal but I can promise there is a real shitter of a player to come in the first update.

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12 hours ago, Ian said:

Great idea and good luck. It’ll be nice to see some of the gems you unearth along the way like on the world tour last year.


3 hours ago, Woody said:

Fave career of last year this and with the new twist i'm sure this will be just as good if not better.

Cheers lads 👍🏻

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Season 1 - Update 1: Iberian Issues

The journey begins as mentioned in the OP in Portugal using a player already at the club but first here are the non guides that I bought to improve the squad.



Portugal 🇵🇹 ST/AM: 10 Goals required.

My guide of choice was Rafa and it certainly wasn’t a bold choice if you look at his attributes because he looks very capable of knocking in 10 goals in a decent amount of time.

It actually took him exactly 10 games to get the goals with 3 braces in that time and also 3 games with no goals at all. Although we have won most of our games to start the season we have lost twice and both of those lost match’s were against the only bigger teams we played so we have some work to do I think.


Spain 🇪🇸 CM/DM/WM/WB: 5 Goals Required

The only logical way to go was from Portugal into Spain but that ok as Spain has become renowned for producing excellent central midfielders so there should be someone good to pick from that lot.

Except instead I decided to go for a WB. He is comfortable playing further forward as well but he is only natural as far forward as WB so he is eligible for this category. He looks decent and was one of the best options I could afford in terms of a player with a few reasonable numbers for the key striker attributes so I’m happy with him.


He didn’t really flourish in his new role as a striker though and it took him 11 games to get the 5 goals we needed although interestingly he scored in some of the trickier games we played in with goals against Atalanta, Porto and PSG but struggled against the weak teams.

The results again look good but we lost for a 2nd time to PSG and couldn’t beat Atalanta or Sporting. A win against Porto was nice though and we are comfortable in the league but we have work to do in Europe. 



Andorra 🇦🇩 CB: 2 Goals Required

The logical step would be to go to France next but I have the Spanish league loaded so I had to look for an Andorran because I want to visit as many nations as possible. As it turned out there was a couple of players from the tiny Pyrenees nation and even better one was a CB.

Albeit an awful one!


After his first 5 games and not a single goal I was getting worried that even 2 goals was a bit too ambitious for this guy but a MoTM performance and a goal against P.Ferreira cheered me up and then he finally got his 2nd in a win over the might of Santa Clara to get 2 goals in 10 games.


I had put him on training as a TM and actually he seemed to enjoy it and flourish even if that didn’t translate into a quick haul of goals.


Team Performance Update

In the league we are absolutely miles ahead and have yet to lose a game but we crashed out of the Champions League and into the Europa League by finishing third in a group we should have progressed in.



Nations Visited So Far

It has taken 31 matches but we are out of the Iberian Peninsula and I will soon start to have a bit more choice of which nations I visit as Europe opens out before me.


Next Update: I start off needing to use a GK and there are no prizes for guessing where I will be headed next as there’s only really one option.


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Great work mate! Super start. I was going to say Llovera looks like a player out of BG's amateur save, but then I saw the after shot and he improved a bunch in a very short time. I wonder how good he could become with a longer stint...

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Nice start to the journey. Some good squad signings too including Fraser who I’ve used before in a test save at Liverpool and he was decent for me. Just have to see how you get on with your goalkeeper next.

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@BatiGoal @Lord Danish thanks for the comments.

@Scratch @Kanegan I agree it was a surprise how well he developed in some areas of his game and it would be interesting to see how he did over a season up front.

@Ian Fraser has done quite well but it’s a little concerning that his attributes have dropped a bit. I have never used him before except I guess in my Score One Steal One last year but he was soon replaced so I was interested to see what he could do.

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Season 1 - Update 2: GK Goal?

I had made a solid start to this journey through the Iberian Peninsula but France could be tricky as it was the first time I would need to get a goal out of a GK.

France 🇫🇷: GK 1 Goal Needed

Ok it is only one goal so I shouldn’t get too bogged down but it’s still with a Gk and especially with the way the game loves a missed penalty this year it could well take most of the season.

My GK of choice was this lad who came in from Nottingham Forest.


I didn’t have many French options and he was the best I could get. I signed him when my Andorran still needed some goals and I didn’t want his morale to drop so I played him in goal for a couple of games but then he was straight up front once it was his time to shine.

In his first 4 games up top he showed himself pretty capable with two 8s and 3 assists including 2 in one game!


The Chaves match was the League Cup final and the reason he got an 8 was because he actually scored the winner!


That meant it actually only took 4 games to get through France which I was delighted with.

Luxembourg 🇱🇺: Striker 10 Goals

So just like that I was moving on to the “Low Countries” and first up was Luxembourg as they don’t have many players in my DB but they did have a striker.


Not a bad TM although the lack of any pace could be problematic as that always helps any striker. He should be able to knock in 10 goals though before the season ends as it is the end of January!

He did ok but his stamina was a problem and although he scored fairly consistently he missed three games in his spell simply because he was absolutely knackered. 

In the end he got 10 goals in 13 appearances.




He actually had to play a couple more times for me before the season was out and he proved to be quite a bargain at £55k.


Belgium 🇧🇪: Midfielder 5 Goals

Belgium football is going through a real purple patch at the moment as demonstrated by finishing third at the 2018 World Cup and being a major favourite for the Euros in 2020. 

I couldn’t really exploit this talent though as I was running on a very limited budget by this point in the journey so I went for an old favourite of mine in the shape of Funso Ojo.


He had nothing which makes me think he will be a great goalscorer but he only cost £575k and the budget is looking low. I could have sold a few players to fund someone better but I decided with the season getting towards the end I would try and save some money and sellable players for a summer rebuild.

For some reason the form page for Funso neither showed any of the games he played so I will have to show you the games he scored in instead. He actually wasn’t too bad and got the 5 goals in 7 matches.

In fact he was an all or nothing player as he got three braces to score 6 goals in 7 games although in reality it was 6 in 3 games with 4 blanks.





Netherlands 🇳🇱: CB 2 Goals Needed

This had brought me to almost the end of the season with just a couple of games left to play but I had a Dutch CB lined up so there might have been time for him to get the couple of goals he needed to tick off another nation before the season was done.

I picked up this player off of the Free Transfer list so he has essentially spent all year without a club which perhaps isn’t that shocking as he isn’t particularly good.


He is quite quick though and can head a ball so maybe he can get on some crosses or at least two.

I had four games left to play including our final league game in which he actually could have completed the job if he hadn’t missed a penalty.


That was the only goal he got but he did miss another penalty in the Europa League final although even if he scored it wouldn’t have counted towards my journey.


This means I end the season halfway across Holland.

In total I have completed 6 nations in season one.


End of Season Round Up

I missed out on Super Cup and had to settle with the Europa League after going out of the Champions League at the group stage but at least we won that along with the league and both domestic cups.



Player Stats


Thanks for reading and most comments are appreciated.

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Would've been some super season had your Dutch freebie CB smashed a second goal in. Still very good considering what you've achieved so far 👍 that Luxembourg striker looks like he jumped from my save to yours 😂 

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11 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

Would've been some super season had your Dutch freebie CB smashed a second goal in. Still very good considering what you've achieved so far 👍 that Luxembourg striker looks like he jumped from my save to yours 😂 

The next update will have a player that would look even more at home in your save 😬

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Really enjoyed this last year, and like the tweaks for this version. It's great seeing some of the more obscure players who wouldn't usually appear anywhere else.

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This is why i love this career. The random players choices are brilliant. 

A really good 1st season with many locations visited already. 👍

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Doing nicely mate, though I'm not sure I'd choose the same players as you! Some of these are off the back of the shelf.... 😄

Anyway, it's fun to read, keep it up. 

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Season 2 - Update 1: 

Thank you to @smoggy90 @Scratchand @Woody for your comments to my last update.

Netherlands 🇳🇱 Part 2

If you remember from the last update I finished the season in Holland looking to get 2 goals from this fella.


He had got one goal already for me towards the end of the first season so he just needed one more so I could move on.

That goal came from the penalty spot in the first game of the season and it meant he had a record of 2 goals in 5 games.



Germany 🇩🇪GK 1 Goal Needed

I didn’t fancy spending much money on a GK this time round and luckily I found a regen who had some pace even at 16 years old even if he didn’t have much else going for him just yet.

He cost a whooping £5k from a semi pro team so I’m not sure he has much potential but I will put him into the reserves once he gets his goal and see how he is doing in a couple of seasons.


GK form doesn’t show goals but it does show he had a hand in two goals against Aves but did very little else in his first 5 games.


His sixth game was more successful though as he scored and in open play as well!


It’s always nice to move on from a GK and get back to a striker.

Switzerland 🇨🇭 ST/AM 10 Goals Needed

I have been scrapping the bottom of the barrel for awhile now so I decided I would treat myself as I journey south into the Alps. In part it was a lack of options with only a handful of Swiss ST/AM available as well but also it is sometimes nice to just splash some cash as well.

We are all familiar with this guy.


He made a lightning start as well by getting 40% of the goals he needed in his 2nd game.


In the end his performances were a bit mixed and he didn’t ever hit those heights again. He took 9 games to get the 10 which is the quickest so far but after those 4 in one game I had hoped he would do it in less than 5 games.


Liechtenstein 🇱🇮 CM/DM/WB

The tiny nation of Liechtenstein is sandwiched between Switzerland and Austria and although it has its own national team there clubs play in the Swiss league system. They do have a domestic cup competition though with the winner going into the Europa League which means that the nations biggest club FC Vaduz are almost certain of European football every season despite spending most of there time playing 2nd tier football in Switzerland.


There was a total of 4 Lichtsteiners in the DB and luckily one qualified for this round as he is a natural RM. He had a club but they rated him so lowly they let me have him for nowt.


You won’t be shocked to see that it took him a looooooong time to get the 5 goals I needed and it felt at times it would take all season! In the end he did it in 20 games and that was despite scoring a brace in one game.


Luckily he didn’t effect our form at all as he trundled his way to those 5 goals. The balance with these absolute shitters is always to keep getting results whilst giving him goal chances and I at least got results and I blame just how bad the player was on the lack of chances and goals.


That is another leg of the journey done and another 4 nations ticked off with half of season 2 played. That is 10 nations complete in 1.5 seasons which is ok and in the next update we will continue the journey south.


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Formation wise it brings its own challenges to one game accommodate a shite player for goals and the next game a decent one. But you're handling it well, certainly hasn't affected your tower of green results 👍 

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