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Tactics 4-1-2-2-1 Lower League/Underdog Tactic


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I am currently in my 8th Season with Elgin City. Starting in the bottom tier of Scottish Football and having been promoted twice in a row, 1 season in the championship, then a final promotion and now my 4th in the Scottish Premiership.

I sit 2nd 4 points off Celtic in 1st, in the quarter finals of the Euro Cup II (after finishing 4th in the league last season) in the Semi-final of the Scottish Cup and on a 16 game unbeaten run in all competitions.

I believe I have tweaked my tactic now to have defensive solidarity (conceded 23 goals in 55 games), as well as scoring enough goals to win games.

The only thing not fixed to the tactic is your striker, just play your best striker in his favoured role. 

I believe my team are performing way above expectations and this is largely down to the tactic. 

Hope its as successful for everyone else! 





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After posting this I lost the upcoming cup semi final 1-0 and lost 2 games in the league run-in, meaning I missed out on 1st place however held onto 2nd beating both Celtic and Rangers after the split. 

I also won the Euro II Cup beating Bordeaux 4-1 in the Semi-final before smashing PAOK 5-0 in the final. 

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12 hours ago, AndersJ said:

Thank you for sharing your tactic - where in what league did you test the tactic, in the first season?

best regards Anders

My third season in the top flight in Scotland. Will start a lower league career in England and see how it works. Going to start a amateur to the top story that you can follow. 

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10 hours ago, LiamTaylor said:

How’s it going now

Had a break from my season, only just started back up again. Won the Euro II Cup in that season qualifying for the champions league group stages after navigating the qualification stages but dropped into the Europa League after drawing Athletico and Man City in the group and got to the second knockout round there. 

League position suffered with the lack of strength in depth however finishing 3rd in the league. 

Started a Journeyman save now as well and it seems a good simple tactic for small teams as well, but I've changed the defenders to NCD so they have less responsibilities. 

Hope it's going well for you. 

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6 hours ago, LiamTaylor said:

Ok 👍🏻 keep me updated mate. 😊

Well I started the league 11 games unbeaten before losing to rangers in the league. During this time I qualified for the Euro Cup group stages. 

It was all down hill from there...2 months later until my next win, out of the league Cup, 4th in the league (almost certainly out of the title race) and finished bottom of my group.

No matter the tweaking I did to the tactic I just could not win 😔 defensively we were fairly solid but we just couldn't score. I've eventually had to change to a 4-2-3-1 which I've won 2 on the bounce with now and will need reinforcements in January. 

The tactic is either only good for weaker teams or I was just on a lucky run! 

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