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Career 30 Years of Europe, A Journeymans Tale


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Ultimate Journeyman

Im embarking on a challenge to see how many leagues and cups i can win in 30 seasons, but the catch is i must use a different team every season, i also cannot join a team from the same league i left.

Leagues Loaded

Premier League

Serie A

La Liga



1. Never sugar daddy, even if offered i must decline

2. Never the same club twice

3. Never the same league two seasons in a row

4. Must join an available team between the European off seasons, even if the only available teams are terrible 



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Chapter 1 - An Easy Start  - Liverpool FC - 2019/2020

The temptation to start with a small team was there, but for the case of longevity i wanted to be able to get any job offered in the off season, i decided to start with what i consider the easiest team to win with on the game, this hurt me a little as i'm a United fan and ive been taught from a very young age to hate Liverpool through and through but as im going for a 3 striker tactic with a cam, the lure of Salah, Mane and Firminio was just too great.





The Team

My tactics usually depend on solid midfielders, fast defenders and old fashioned wingers (Alexander Arnold fits all 3 of these) 



League Table

Its Liverpool, of course they was going to win and of course they were going to score a shed ton of goals



Managers Player of the Season

Salah? Trent? Mane? Van Dijk? Firminio? 

Nope. Not even close, This man was a mountain for me and i couldn't believe his stats, give it up for the big man Divock Origi! 47 goals and 22 assists for a team with 3 strikers is insane.IMG_6078.thumb.PNG.1b14b744a700ba5bbdd493ce9a756461.PNG




First of many Manager of the year trophies i hope


What we won

Champions League, Euro Super Cup, Carabao Cup and the Club World Championship topped of the season nicely with that league win


Manager stats

206 Goals, not bad but its still Liverpool



Next Chapter Choices - RB Leipzig or Lazio?



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Chapter 2 - Red Bull Gives you Wings - RB Leipzig - 2020/2021

So we are off to Germany, the temptation of Werner and Upamecano was too great, so here we are, last season saw Bayern finish top with Dortmund hot on there tails, Leipzig finished 4th which gives them an automatic birth into the Champions League


I forgot to screenshot them, must make note in brain to save a file at the end of each season so i can go back and reference

The team

I went with an altered formation as the DFs just didn't work for me, changed them both to AF and it worked well, Haaland was already at the club (Bit of transfer banter between the two RB clubs) Signings were Selke, Marega, Gabriel, Sabiri, Malcuit and Akpoguma


The Table


Well we managed it, Bayerns resistance faltered in the latter stages leaving us for a clean run at the title, i was happy with 96 goals but could've definitely done better, lessons learnt for this season is that training is a must as well as good staff.

Other competitions


Won the DFB Pokal with a Bayern final


Nearly smashed my phone to pieces after this, SI has some ridiculous banter this year

Managers Player of the SeasonIMG_6098.thumb.PNG.fa04354f4269528671a2c99590cd116c.PNG

15 million to get his release clause is ridiculous, if your looking for a target man on the cheap there is none better.


Managers Stats

206 - 350

144 Goals, not as much as id like but still respectable, up to 3rd in the managers rankings!



Chapter 3 - Poches Successor or Solving the Mess at the San Siro?

Available jobs - Tottenham, AC Milan, Frieburg



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cool concept, good luck with it 👍

but to your point of starting with Liverpool, sorry but, you'd never catch me touching F*lham or QPHa with a bargepole. keep that hatred pure, my man!

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13 minutes ago, Kanegan said:

You can actually aim for the leaderboard in this challenge:

I am also playing the same. Good luck. 

Oh man I’m looking forward to being top of your leaderboard!

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16 minutes ago, Crashhart said:

Oh man I’m looking forward to being top of your leaderboard!

So, quickly start adding up your seasonal totals. 😂

I have no intention to give the top spot away. 😄

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16 minutes ago, Lord Danish said:

Great start of both seasons. AC Milan will be very interesting to me

Well you might be in luck, next post should be up in ten minutes 

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Chapter 3 - How do you solve a problem like AC Milan - AC Milan - 2021/2022

Although Tottenham was tempting i didn't want to be heading back to England quite so soon, i remember watching AC Milan when i was younger, when Kaka lit the world alight so i was always attracted to AC, everybody knows about there current on field issues so i'm going to see if i can put my hand to it and solve it.

Im going to admit to something quite bad now, at RB Leipzig knowing i was going to leave i put a release clause into Upamecanos contract, i'm not proud of it and i swore it was the last time i would do it.


Orsolini to replace the outgoing Calhanoglu, and a few strikers as i always play 3 up top, Patrick Roberts on a free would be a great back up



Dead wood, dead wood and more fucking dead wood. I was tempted to keep hold of Calhanoglu but i needed the funds he would bring in.



I should mention i keep my teams to 22-24 players at all time, i find it easier to manage usually setting 2 teams, an A side for the league and a B side for cups and the European group stages, i may switch the B side to the league team at the later part of the seasons if im deep into the Champions League/Europa League

The Team

Front 3 of Piatek, Andre Silva and Hwang Hee Chan, Patrick Roberts really stepped up in the later part of the seasons, Lucas Paqueta is one of my favourite players in the game and James Rodriguez who had requested transfer as i arrived, who i tried to offload and refused to go became an absolute revelation for me, great delivery.



League Table

A nice dominant performance, this was a slog of a season however, the strike partnerships never really seemed there and for a front 3 that i designed to try and compliment each over seemed to flop, there was no real stand out performer. Inter Milan put up a great challenge but as is becoming familiar just could not keep the pace. The real shock is Zebre, with what seems to be a manager who refuses to sell his aging players and selling his younger they are just not the name they used to be. Ronaldo should not be starting every game at 37.



Player of the Season

I could of picked anybody here to be honest, nobody massively stood out but i'm a big fan of converting full backs to CBs and Lucas Hernandez did not let me down, came in to the A team over Romanagoli by the end




AC Milan had finished 6th the season prior so didn't qualify for the Champions League, i was happy enough to tick the Europa league off the list however and an Italian Cup win saw our season end on a great note.




Another Manager of the year title but disappointed not to see one of my players at top scorer.


Season Statistics 

Creeping up that leaderboard! 350-522 = 172 goals for the season, not bad for a team that was such a mess.


Chapter 4 - The Great Yellow Wall of Dortmund.




Edited by Crashhart
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Chapter 4 - The Yellow Wall - Borussia Dortmund - 2022/2023

Back to Germany so soon, the lure of Dortmund was too great, the other vacancies were a few promoted teams (No Spanish which i was hoping for) but i thought id go back and have another crack at the Bundesliga, Dortmund were in good stead having finished runners up the year previous but i was definitely concerned about the aging squad (A running theme in these later years on FM20). The AI this year doesn't seem to want to let go of there aging heroes so i guess thats what they call me in to do.

Transfers In

Paulinho was godly so the 53 was cheap to me, i reunited with Gregoritsch after our stint in Liverpool (Back up to Divock) and Adrian Fein, Grujic and Eggstein were going to be my midfield steel. Serge Gnabry was a shocker as he hadn't played at Bayern, i was surprised at how cheap they let me have him and Thauvin is probably one of my favourites on the game, can play CAM, AF and either Wing. Ben Woodburn also comes in on loan after suffering mismanagement at Liverpool





Transfers Out

If this was real life i think the Dortmund fans would of hated me, i never rate Paco Alcacer on the game, everyone else was just aging. Selling Reus and Hummels for a combine fee of 8 mill must of stung.











The Squad

My standard formation, Woodburn and Gnabry are extremely mobile and exactly what i look for in my AF, the wingers both have good crossing and tackling stats which is a must and once again a solid midfield.


The Table




Winners! would of liked to beat my record at Leipzig but mustn't grumble, this was my favourite season to date, the attack really seemed to link well and the defence was a bit more solid. Bayern put up a good challenge till January and than completely fell off.




A clean sweep, another Champions League for the pile and a Supercup which i hadnt won yet

Player of the Season


Gregoritsch, what an absolute steal at 30m he may be aging now but he will forever be my Mr Reliable and a great ringer.

Our Finest Moment





The final comes in at a close second





Gregoritsch with just the 6 goals and an absolute spanking of Bayern

Season Statistics

522 - 686 = 164 

Im slightly concerned about my dropping rank, hopefully this isn't a continuing trend


Chapter 5 - Finally we land in Spain...

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First of all i hope all of you had a great Christmas, i didn't get the chance to post over the period as i was flying from country to country and airport wifi always seems to be terrible

Chapter 5 - Smashing up Spain with Sevilla - 2023/2024 - Sevilla


Not the Real Madrid or the Barcelona i was hoping for but i digress, il be honest, i hate the Spanish League, i hate the massive gap between to the top 3 and the rest of the division, i hate the miniscule wage budgets teams seem to have, i hate the fact that the facilities are never top notch, and i should of stuck the french league in instead. But here we are 

The Club

A lot more than i expected with the training facilities




As much as i could shave off, the mismanagement by the AI means yet again we have a lot of old players who need to be shown the door, im not surprised they finished 14th last season



Reunited with my boy who did well for me at Leipzig is Selke his career had been floundering at Swansea so i decided to give him his swan song, also arriving is pacy CB Nordi Mukiele and Lionel Messi regen Ezequiel Boselli (Too young to make a real impact but i couldn't resist. 

Team A

Bang average in all honesty but solid and everybodys got good all round stats which usually makes my formation work


Team B


The League






Well i wasnt expecting that, the team just clicked, no superstars just everybody playing to there potential and we romped to a first place finish, i didnt overtake Barcelona until the latter part of the season when they just seemed to implode and go on a terrible run of games (See Below) 




Goals and Assists

Top Scorer for Turkish forward Kiprit and most assists for Brazilian Winger Arana



Other Trophies

A Spanish cup win after defeating Real Madrid topped off our season and put Sevilla back where they should be in the top four mix

840 - 646 = 154


Managers Player of the Season

Munir seemed to do everything, score, assist and was always there for build up play



Jurgen Klopps Bournemouth have cracked the top 4 while Chelsea languish in 9th, Rumour has it the board may be considering a sacking...





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Chapter 6 - Saving Chelsea - 2024/2025

Back to the homeland, down to West London, Chelsea are in a poor state finishing 9th the previous season with a squad filled with players who had the prior potential ruined.

The Club



Incoming is Zlatan regen Hamren, Dayot Upamecano for his 3rd spell with me, Moise Kean whos career has taken a downward spiral, Young Rooney regen Jay Button, Messi regen Boselli, and a few chelsea youngsters (I have a feeling i will regret going this young later on) 



Same trend still ongoing - Old players well past there prime on ridiculous contracts, lets clear that wage bill


The Squad

Team A

Tammy as the target man with Zlatan and Kean either side, Anjorin as the cam, Hudson Odoi and Reece James either side with a lovely defence of Tomori and Upa, im going to destroy this division as this is the second best team ive had since Liverpool.


Team B

A young side but as there is no Europe there only going to be in the FA cup and Carabao, what could go wrong?


The Table





This, this could go wrong.... Too young, too inexperienced for a title charge and hindered by the fact that Liverpool are now godlike, with a front two or Rhian Brewster and Ben Woodburn absolutely tearing it up it may be a while before i come back and try again, im also now hesitant and the Chelsea team i've just built is young and going to come into place next season, big facepalm moment for me. Liverpool were just unstoppable and Chelsea were far too inconsistent. My streak of 6 titles on the bounce doesn't come to fruition.

Other Competitions




1 Measly Carabao for this season, what a waste of a good team like Chelsea

Managers Player of the Season


Zlatan does what Zlatan does best and claims top scorer, Salah and Mane are still causing trouble. 



995 - 846 = 160 




Wales are world cup winners


Barcelona won the Champions League


Bayern are back on top in Germany


Napoli claim Serie A


What a fall from grace for Juventus


Madrid are resurgent in La Liga with my time in Sevilla seemingly not phasing the top 3 (Did get most goals, go on lads!)


And Juves squad is in disrepair, i wonder where i will be going next season....




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