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Career Italian Challenge-Flex Attempts Serie Ascension (Completed)


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Challenge :



We are in Italy.. this time not for the pizza or the glorious Rome but to the true depths of Italian Football.

Club of choice : U.C.AlbinoLeffe (Serie C/A)

We have 3 strikers coming in from Serie A, Serie B, Serie C/A.

Coming from SPAL, we have Gabriele Moncini..



Second coming in from Perugia, we welcome Federico Melchiorri


and last but not the least, hailing from Monza, we give you Andrea Brighenti


And the Challenge Begins.

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Season 1 Update :

Italian depths are tricky.. but we are getting there. In the semis of Serie C cup and 2nd in the league tipped for promotion.

League Table :



Our 3 guys are doing fine.. with Moncini heading the goal scoring charts.

Goal Stats :




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Season 1 Update : Completed

After one season in lower Italian leagues, you understand importance of 0-0 away draws..

Domestic Cups :


Serie C Cup :


C Super Cup :


League :


League Win :






Golden Boot :



Stats for those three :



So, we won everything - Serie C/A league, Serie C Cup and C Super Cup.

Also, Moncini picked up POTY and Golden Boot, allowing us to pick up maximum points.

Challenge Score :


+10 League Win 

+10 : Serie C Cup and C Super Cup

+10 : Moncini Picking up POTY and Golden Boot

+97 : ( 43 Moncini + 33 Melchiorri + 21 Brighenti)

+127 : Total

Looking forward to seeing you in Serie B with spring in the step and hope in the eyes.

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Season 2 Update : Completed

Once you brave the battles in Serie B, you come to the realisation that you have won something, satisfaction is everything in football..

Domestic Cups :


Giant Killings 



After slaying these giants, we were humbled by Roma in the quarters, ending our dream run in Italian Cup.

League :


League Win -






Golden Boot -


So we won the league and the promotion to Serie A, Sense of accomplishment getting heavier as we trudged through mud to get to muddy waters and look at the crown itself.

Stats for those three :



Moncini again picked the Golden Boot..(and he wants to move on to bigger club, these youngsters..<sigh>)
Melchiorri got the POTY this year.

Challenge Score :


+10 : League Win

+10 : Moncini Golden Boot + Melchiorri POTY

+76 : ( 35 Moncini + 26 Melchiorri + 15 Brighenti )

+96 : Total

Actual Challenge Score :

+127 (Season 1)

+96 (Season 2)

+111.5 Current Score(S1+S2)/2

Now we brave the Serie A, the pinnacle of Italian Football, as Strikers are getting old (and hard to manage), we look at the final season with combined 50 goals in mind and hope to keep our score above 100 for the challenge.

Edited by FlexBrendt
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4 hours ago, Kanegan said:

Back to back promotions!! Wow!! You have really taken this challenge by storm. KIU. The trials of Serie A awaits.

I would prefer trial by combat against this trial..

4 hours ago, Kun Aguero said:

I thought this challenge meant to be difficult but you are smashing it, good luck in Serie A, another league title incoming ?(tho that may be impossible to achieve 😝)

We are not getting that title.. 5 games in 1W 3D 1L.. unless Zebre freaks and drops ball, title is out of question.. best I can hope for is Italian Cup now..

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Season 3 Update : Completed

As expected, Serie A is a trial and we got relegated as all three guys suffered long injuries and could not even play 65 games together... (They were expected to play 114 games together)

Domestic Cup :


We lost to Parma in fourth qualifying round, crashing out of Italian Cup without making impact.

League :


Absolutely nothing in the league as we can only get 6 wins.


But we did score 50 goals, none of the strikers played as much so did not give any points..

Stats for those three :


Injuries.. and increase in difficulty is in full effect here as these three guys scored jaw dropping  21 goals.



Challenge Score :


+21 : (13 Moncini +4 Melchiorri +4 Brighenti)

Season 3 Score : +21.

Final Challenge Score -

Season 1 : +127
Season 2 : +96
Season 3 : +21

Total Score : +244

Challenge Score : (+244/3) 81.33

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1 minute ago, Kun Aguero said:

Bad luck with the injuries, more shocking to see Napoli just 1 point from relegation lol

Yeah they dropped ball early in the season.. And I was surprised to see Inter complete domestic double.

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Just now, Kanegan said:

Aah bad luck with the injuries mate but still a great total posted. Looking forward to your next career

Thanks Mate.. Looking to go for my first 1kC now.. 

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