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Challenges The Christmas Challenge 2019


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The Christmas Challenge 2019

It’s that time of year again and it’s almost certain that the only way to get through the horrors of the festive season is by hiding away and playing some FMM.

Luckily I have a one season challenge for you which should keep you busy for at least a few hours.

The Team

If you look beyond the big teams in Portugal you will see the festively named Santa Clara who are based in the Azores the Portuguese tropical archipelago just off the coast of Africa.



This is the team you will be managing for the challenge and as it’s Christmas I am going to give you the gift of being able to use the Sugar Daddy unlockable once for this save. This will allow you the funds to build a team but also to be able to bring in the players that will be scoring you points.

The Players

You must sign all three of these players as they will be your points scorers.

The first player you will use is already at the club and goes by the name of Thiago SANTAna.



To continue the Christmas names you will be looking for assists from this King.



Finally it wouldn’t be Christmas without a Jesus so you need to buy this guy and he will be the rock in defence to keep the goals out. As he is integral to the whole of Christmas he must play every game and proof will be required if he is suspended or injured at any point.



  • 1 point for every Santa goal in all competitions.
  • 1 point for every King assist in all competitions.
  • -1 point for every goal conceded in all competitions.

Make sure you provide a screenshot of your manager history to prove goals conceded.


  • You must sign the three players listed above.
  • Jesus must play in every game and you must proof any injuries or suspensions that mean he cannot play.
  • You may make any other transfers both in and out you wish.
  • You may use the Sugar Daddy unlockable once.
  • No other unlockables.
  • No editing of any kind.
  • No cheating including reloading to avoid injuries etc.
  • Proof of your score is required with screenshots so it is best to start a career thread.
  • Have fun.


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