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Chat Any suggestions or tactics for my manchester united save


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8 hours ago, Spiderwan said:

Hi there I am looking for any suggestions or tactics for my manchester united save. Also any advice on which players to sign would be great.

Would you like me to play the game for you as well?

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This is quite easy.

Play 4-3-2-1.  Use WB, a flat 3 central midfield using two BBM and one AP in middle of the 3.  Play two IF's and a central striker.

Who to buy, again this is quite easy with your resources and players already there.  Buy Pellegrini from Roma £26M, Onguene from RB Salzburg for approx £24M, Haaland from the same club approx £45M and finally Tonali from Brescia for approx £30M (he will be one of your BBM).  If you move out all of your dead wood to gain even more funds then as a young back up keeper Livakovic (£7M) and Olmo (£24M and then train him as he left sided IF) both from Dinamo. If you have enough left then Savic from Lazio (£70M) then with him as your other BBM the treble will be yours!

Have fun!

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For this system, sell the following that should generate an additional £150M, Rojo, Jones, Young, Gomes, Mata, Matic, Lingard and Martial.

This should enable you a warchest of approx £300M which will complete your team before the season starts.

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