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Challenges The Battle of Bosses II


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[ The Battle of Bosses II ]


Welcome to The Battle of Bosses II. Since Part I was very well received in the community of Vibe (trying to sell the idea, folks) I decided to make a sequel in what I hope to eventually become a long and fun series of human players (us) versus AI players (them). In this Us vs Them world we once again go Head-to-Head against the AI's finest crop. I believe the line-up of blood-thirsty FMM Bosses I have in store for you guys, in combination with a couple twists and turns, is going to prove an entertaining experience but above all a unique challenge.

The objective remains unchanged; outscore all 5 Bosses in an epic 5-season-long brutal battle to become the very best and forever stamp your name on the leaderboard. For those unfamiliar with proceedings, please have a moment to read all the info you need to know via this link. Now, let the gamezzz begin...


The introduction of the.. 

Player Bonus - this is a brand-new feature that's making its first appearance in this challenge series. Bosses have their way(s) of earning extra points since the 1st installment and we are about to get ours as well. You may not need to use it but I can tell you it's definitely going to ease things up a little for you. However, first - this needs to be "unlocked", second - it's a single-use feature only! 

How do I unlock my Player Bonus? - unlock your Player Bonus by scoring in the exact min. your player's age is. So if your 23yo hero scores in the 23rd min - KAPOW!!! - Player Bonus UNLOCKED. <screenshot required>

How much is my Player Bonus worth? - depends on how quick you're able to unlock it. The quicker the more it's worth:

  1. Unlock in season 1: 25pts
  2. Unlock in season 2: 20pts
  3. Unlock in season 3: 16pts
  4. Unlock in season 4: 13pts
  5. Unlock in season 5: 10pts

How do I use my Player Bonus? - once unlocked, you may use your Player Bonus vs any Boss at any time or stage of the battle. Say, you score 71pts and a Boss 85pts, you're allowed to activate your Player Bonus for extra pts and ultimately get the win. Remember tho, you may use this Player Bonus ONCE only!

Meet your Head-to-Head opponents:


Boss lvl 1 - Ramos the Ruthless


*Beat Boss lvl 1 to UNLOCK team

They don't come meaner, rougher or tougher than Ramos the Ruthless. His game is to give you one of the hardest fights you'll ever experience on the grass, or on any other surface of the planet for that matter. Being the first Boss you'll face, you may make the foolish mistake to consider this gruesome Galactico as some sort of "mini-Boss". HA! be advised, and give your opponent proper respect or your journey will be painful and short-lived. 

What makes battling Ruthless R so tricky is that he can predict and block almost all of your standard moves, forcing you to open your trickery box, which ultimately may result in your death. R is a massive tentacled terror and is designed to wreck even the most prepared players. An effective killing machine, all armor and flailing limbs, and each one of these limbs can kill you in a hit or two. 


Sergio Ramos - 

  • Boss Attack: Club + ITN apps
  • Boss Bonus: :yellow: or :red:+1pt


Boss lvl 2 - Balo the Barbarian


*Beat Boss lvl 2 to UNLOCK team

Balo the Barbarian has always dreamt of being the main antagonist in a Hollywood blockbuster, a true craver for infamy, a tradition that seems to have carried deep into his roller-coaster of a career. Adored or despised, fact remains he's a Character of Evil, who ticks at least one box that he's guaranteed to put up a good fight vs anyone. On his day he may even present the greatest challenge you've had and send you straight home. Beating Barbarian B requires masterful use of your finishing ability, otherwise your hero is going to be faced with attacks that cause automatic knockouts and one-hit kills. 

Balo is a classic example of an enemy that can do things with your abilities that you absolutely can’t. This angry brute is a rampaging suit of armor with a mission for chaos and mayhem, who can almost perfectly match you blow for blow. Freakishly, fighting a version of a "mirrored" you is a true test of one's character. 


Mario Balotelli - 

  • Boss Attack: (Goals + Assists) x2
  • Boss Bonus: Transfer to Italy +25pts


Boss lvl 3 - The Mercurial Middle Man


*Beat Boss lvl 3 to UNLOCK team

Beating The Mercurial Middle Man under normal circumstances is a challenge of stealth and patience in itself, requiring the strength of will necessary to move with extreme care. This master passer spots you from wherever you're hiding and puts a well-placed ball right on the chin to bring you off balance. It will take nothing but sheer endurance and tactical awareness to avoid being constantly under fire from this Boss's dagger-wielding minions both large and small.

It is believed, by both the fearful living and the fearless dead, that towards the end of the battle he will attempt a maneuver so masterful that it'll instantly kill every member of your team if you aren’t vigilant. The debate about who's going to prove the hardest Boss of them all is eternal, but Kevin has a very strong case. 


Kevin de Bruyne - 

  • Boss Attack: Assists x3
  • Boss Bonus: + ITN Assists


Boss lvl 4 - The Impenetrable Imp Giant


*Beat Boss lvl 4 to UNLOCK team

Anyone who spends an unhealthy amount of time playing classic RPG games can relatively quickly learn how to "cheese" one's way up to a Final Boss - oftentimes the AI is simply too predictable. Well, if you're one of them I have some bad news for you. Meet The Impenetrable Imp Giant, this challenge's penultimate Boss and quite possibly the last Boss you'll ever face. Get in close and his elbows will put you down with just a few hits. Try to turtle and stay away, and he’ll spam fast, hard-hitting knees to wear you down.

Imp Giant has newfound mastery of the powers of darkness and he’s an absolute juggernaut in this battle. Once you're separated from your team, he'll charge across the pitch with punishing, unblockable dash attacks until you and your survival instincts are no longer on speaking terms. 


Virgil van Dijk - 

  • Boss Attack: AvR x10
  • Boss Bonus: PoM +2pts


Boss lvl 5 - The Kannibal - Final Boss


*Beat Boss lvl 5 to COMPLETE challenge

If you've made it this far I'm unsure whether I should applaud your bravery or admire your level of foolishness. A safety net between you and failure - the Player Bonus you have collected? It will take you less than a second to realize you've made a terrible decision in stepping onto turf none other than The Kannibal's. This horror show immediately makes an impression for showcasing an arsenal of moves that seem more aggressive and powerful than anything you’ve ever seen before. Fond of his signature Skull Breaker move, he’ll mop the floor with you and make it look easy. Good options when fighting him - there are NONE.

Gain some distance and The Kannibal unleashes a barrage of homing projectiles from all angles. Move in close and he dodges away while using his ability to act "off camera" and punish you mercilessly. Beating this Final Boss requires a combination of tactics, positioning, sustained focus, and a cannibalistic amount of luck! 


Harry Kane - 

  • Boss Attack: Goals x3
  • Boss Bonus: + ITN Goals



  • Load England, Spain + any other nation(s)
  • Badges: Yes, Unlockables: No
  • You must use REAL players only! 
  • NO buying players from "locked" Boss team until defeated
  • Your points are club goals only! No ITN gls
  • Once unlocked you may use Player Bonus only ONCE!
  • Defeat all 5 Bosses in order to complete the challenge

Any questions feel free to ask. Be safe, have fun and goodluck! 👍 


The Battle of Bosses II - Leaderboard

1. 60 pts - Lord Danish - career



Edited by BatiGoal
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17 minutes ago, Kun Aguero said:

Even Lvl 1 is difficult to beat😂,  nice yet tough challenge to beat.

Thanks. Not expecting many people to complete this. So getting to lvl3 or even lvl4 and dying 😃 is a very good score for the leaderboard.

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1 hour ago, Kanegan said:

I have a question. How will you track De Bruyne's intl. assists for Level 3??


It states at the very bottom. So Pogba's got 3 here.

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Leaderboard updated!

Congrats @Lord Danish despite being knocked out by Ramos the Ruthless in the most unfortunate of ways, it still makes you the man to beat and the challenge's current #1.

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1 hour ago, BatiGoal said:

Leaderboard updated!

Congrats @Lord Danish despite being knocked out by Ramos the Ruthless in the most unfortunate of ways, it still makes you the man to beat and the challenge's current #1.

😂60 points only

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