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Challenges FMM Goes to the Movies: Rocky IV

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FMM Goes to the Movies: Rocky IV


Guts, determination, an indefagitable desire to win. Everything the average FMM player has in common with our hero, Rocky Balboa.

Choosing which Rocky film to see was a real hard one but in the end, his titanic tussle with the Soviet machine was too much to resist. And it's brilliant on your own or watched with a friend/H2H foe.

Panned by critics but the most lucrative of the films, Rocky IV has everything you'd expect from any of the films in the Rocky franchise. The initial lows fed by the untimely death of a fan favourite at the hands of Ivan Drago; The inspiration of Rocky's training montage and the roaring joy of his revenge victory in the heart of Soviet Russia.

It's not the sort of film that will change your life but it is good, old fashioned boxing fun. From hero to zero, and back again, in just 90 minutes.

Fate anyone?

The Challenge

This is a 2 season (or 2x 1 season) challenge. You may start a fresh save rather than moving from America to Russia as the season start dates are half a year apart.

Season 1: Take your Ivan Drago (Russian striker) to America. Score as many goals as possible.
Every game lost = - 3 points for losing that round of the fight.

Season 2: Take your Rocky Balboa (American striker) to Russia. Score as many goals as possible.
Every game lost = - 3 points for losing that round of the fight.

Plot twist: You must score more points with Rocky in Russia than you did with Ivan in America to win the fight and get on the leaderboard.

Usual challenge rules apply

Score as many goals as you can but keep your defence tight, we don't want any surprise knockouts!

It's the Eye of the Tiger, It's the thrill of the fight....


Full film index link

Wall of Fame


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14 minutes ago, BatiGoal said:

Oh I like this. Yes I do. Simple but sweet challenge, TPM. 

Cheers Bati. Hopefully there are some challenges within these movies that will get people playing them.

Look forward to your attempt! 🥊🥊🥊

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