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Career Shxce's First Challenge [Race to 100]


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Hi all, 

Fairly new to FM here and came across this community. Really enjoy all the challenges and guides that I've seen here, but since I'm lacking the necessary experience to be a successful FM manager, I guess I'll start with an 'easier'(?) challenge? And hopefully I'll manage to complete it! Credit for this challenge goes to @Foxy and @BatiGoal

Challenge details here!

My club of choice, would of course be Liverpool! Even though this challenge would have been easier in an easier league, I guess there's still some fun in managing the team you support. 😅


This is the save I just started up:




This is my manager profile:



And this is my boy Silva:



Thanks for reading and um I hope I'm doing things right 😅 Do let me know if there are things I should or should not be doing or things I should add in my career thread as well, thanks! Also, will upload my tactic soon, and any feedback is appreciated! As I said I'm quite new to this so no idea how to tweak my tactics and what each change would mean for my team, but I'm just hoping the quality of the team will help me cruise through my first career in Vibe (I wish...)

Episode 1: Pre-Season Friendlies and Community Shield

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These are my tactics!






I generally toggle between Control and Counter depending on the strength of the opposing team, and against poor sides, I usually swap out my DM for an AP, not sure if it's the right thing to do but 🤷‍♀️

Do let me know if there's any way to improve of if there's something I'm not doing right 🙏

P.S. Fitness isn't at its maximum because I couldn't wait to get started on this save, so I've been through a couple games already, will update in due time!

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1 hour ago, BatiGoal said:

Welcome and good challenge to start your Vibe life with 😉 great player pick. Goodluck! 


6 minutes ago, samhardy said:

Welcome to the site and all the best with your career.

Thanks for the support! 😀

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Episode 1: Pre-Season Friendlies & Community Shield

Liverpool v Arsenal

Started off the pre-season with a friendly against Arsenal. Welcomed our star striker Silva with his first match of the season, but that also meant retiring Bobby to the bench, which was a tough choice, but one that had to be done, given the nature of the challenge. 



Silva did not disappoint, and managed to get on the scoresheet in a fairly even game. Could I really conquer this challenge in my first save? Nonetheless, this was only a friendly and the goal would not have counted anyway.

Liverpool v Bordeuax

Started Silva in our second friendly as well, hoping to fast track his development so he can hit the ground running when the league begins.



However, despite having 71% percentage and 6 shots on target, we could not manage a single goal in a bore draw. Gotta work on Silva's finishing I guess.

Manchester City v Liverpool

Excitement builds in our first competitive fixture as we have an opportunity to add a trophy to my fresh managerial career. Starting Silva yet again, despite complaints from the board that he was a bad signing cuz he's too young 🙃. Acknowledging City's quality, I told my players to sit back and hit them on the counter atttack, with Mane, Salah  and Wijnaldum feeding chances to Silva.




Alas, it was Bobby who broke the deadlock, with the assist coming from Mane, just as practiced. Silva still has much work to do if he wants to beat Mbappe's 100 goal record before his 20th birthday...


Celebrations were underway as we brought home our first trophy of the season, but the real battle has just begun.

Stay tuned for Episode 2, where we host Southampton on opening day, before challenging Europa winners Chelsea for the EUFA Super Cup in the midweek.

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Episode 2: Season 1 Mid-Season

Change of plans, and decided to fast track by progress by updating less frequently but with more progress each time. This is how the Premier League table is looking after Matchweek 23/24.

League Table:



We are disappointing in the middle of the table, losing and drawing too many games that we shouldn't. What baffles me is that my high pressing, 4-1-2-2-1 tactic, which I understand as one that counter-attacks fiercely and sacrifices defensive solidity for attacking strength, somehow places me second in defensive records, conceding more than only league leaders Tottenham Hotspurs so far. At the same time, my supposed attacking strength has very much been silenced, with my team only managing the second worst attacking records this season, only one goal ahead of Norwich City thus far.

With our sub-par performances, a midtable position is definitely deserved, although I need to figure out what's wrong with my tactic, and fast, before the board loses patience with me.

Fabio Silva's Profile:


Profile at the start of the season:


Profile as of January 2020:


Player progress:




Silva has been developing well, with increments in all attributes except Aggression, Teamwork and Strength. He was also retrained from a Defensive Forward to a Poacher, bearing in mind the aim for him to convert most of the team's goals. Mentorship from Salah proved invaluable as well, as his Shooting continues to improve.

That's about as far as the positives go since Silva has joined us. In terms of development, he has been unavailable due to injury for 14 weeks in the last 41 since he joined us, and it has definitely hindered his progress towards a hundred goals. 

As for his conversion rate, it is a disappointing 8 goals in 29 games. That's an unacceptable 0.27 GpG, and he will need massive improvement should he want to place in the leaderboards alongside Neymar and Mbappe.

These are the fixtures that we have played since the season begun, with a low-scoring majority and many many disappointing games.

Fixture List:



There's something wrong with my tactics, and Silva has much to improve on to be able to score the remaining 92 goals in the next 3 years. Hopefully I'll be able to bring better news at the end of the season, and at least have a respectable finish in the league, as well as in the Champions League. 

If you're keeping up with this thread, thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy making it! 🙆‍♀️😄

Edited by Shxce
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3 hours ago, SirSpankorama said:

Can you screenshot your tactics please? I would be happy to help try to fix some issues.

They are in the first comment! You can find it if you scroll up 😅 Sorry I have no idea how to tag comments :’)

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