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Career zila90 goes to Zemanlandia


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Hello Vibers!
I begin my first ever FMM Vibe Career with the challenge from @Kanegan

Challenge in short:

Take charge of any Serie C club, gain promotion to Serie A with this club and play one season there without getting relegated. In this club you need to assign three Italian strikers and always play with these at the top in the 4-3-3 formation and re-create the great success Zeman had with his Foggia.

Football Club and three Italian strikers:

My club of choice is former Serie A club Calcio Padova.




I will try to restore the club to its former glory and do my own Zemanlandia with my three musketeers:

1. The big Target Man Niccolò Romero has joined the club from Alto Adige.


2. Francesco Forte has come from Juve Stabia.


3. The third one is a youngster Edoardo Soleri from our starting team. We hope that he will develop as the challenge progresses.


Let's start with the challenge.

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Sason 1 (2019/20) - Completed

Season Review:

We were expected to finish the season on the 2nd place but we didn't start the season according to these predictions as we collected two defeats in the first two games. Eventually, my team started to accept my philosophy and my 4-3-3 tactic and we finished the season strong. Although we didn't concede many goals we, unfortunately, didn't score as many as I wished either. Anyway, here is our final stand:



Additionally we upgraded our season with the Serie C Super Cup:



Three Strikers Score:

Unfortunately they didn't score as many as I wished and expected and thus none of these three didn't stand out. Probably the issue is in our midfield as we don't have many creative players to play there.



 Challenge Score:

  • League Win: +10
  • Serie C Super Cup: +5
  • Francesco Forte: +20
  • Niccolò Romero: +15
  • Edoardo Soleri: +12
  • Total: +62

Next Season Aim:

The three kings will need to score more in the next season. Hopefully we will get some money to bring new players in the midfield so we will be able to create more chances for them to score and collect more points.

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I accidentally deleted the save game, therefore, I cannot continue with this career. Thread closed.

I have a new career already in my mind and I will start with it very soon.

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