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Help Release Clause Bug


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So this has been a regular issue in my save where clubs keep rejecting my offers for players although i already activated their release clause, usually this happened because they want a percentage fee but i thought when you activate a release clause you must accept it and cannot negotiate it anymore. This is one example on Fabio Silva:162607.thumb.jpg.9433893b360052215883274a91ef422e.jpg162601.thumb.jpg.cad52fed0c62e37ff1988ce93a6e9df1.jpg162602.thumb.jpg.fcd03ea1691aad0eedc82e49ff5cc41b.jpg162603.thumb.jpg.8bc616030067b482a01248fbe0e3f232.jpg162604.thumb.jpg.a831c85591bb2b62f2dc9467c22e1a4b.jpg162605.thumb.jpg.fdb3e46dde8079623bb8f52f7592bb4d.jpg162606.thumb.jpg.3d8d15e0ecd7d8ba730daafc9530ec49.jpg

This all happened in one negotiation where i keep pressing "suggest terms". One other thing that i noticed is that although the message said that the club wanted a bigger percentage, it doesnt actually show how much do they want (Like when you enquire a player), i didn't decrease the percentage to 0%, it just doesn't change even though i kept pressing the suggest terms button. (I already tried to offer bigger sell on percentage before this negotiation but they keep rejecting them because i dont know how much they exactly want, I tried to buy him a few times)

If I was wrong about any of these please let me know. Thank you.

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2 hours ago, Massey127 said:

You're absolutely correct and this shouldn't be happening.

Thank you for confirming this issue, I've posted it on the bug list thread

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