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Help How can I get the best out of my inside forwards?


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I think that your final third instructions are wrong instead through balls choose run at defenders because the whole point of inside forwards is for them to cut inside and release the ball either shoot or run run at the defence. Also choose work into the box. I would choose the passing style to short. Cause when I put mixed I often did lose the ball to sloppy passing. Try these tactics down below and notice the goals and assists of my inside forwards.Another advice I would give is to rest players when you can as players who are tired cannot give their best performances I had a second team for Europa league,carabao cup and the fa  cup.











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Play a left footed IF on the right and a right footed on the left too so they cut inside to their strong foot. 

if using those players who both have right as preferred foot play the right sided one as a winger. Might also open up the defence more For other IF and CF pulling an opposition full back out. If you want to stick with 2 IF I’d find a left footed one or experiment with both of these guys and see who seems to do best on which side. 

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First you need to change the strikers role so he would assist your IFs more often. Then like already said, use run at defense and with left foot at right and right foot at left. Hope that helps. 

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Maybe get a double footed player could be good, Mason Greenwood for example but I believe Callum Hudson-Odoi are both footed either. Played with him on my failed 1kc before

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Play short passing and change the passing focus to either flanks. You should get better results. You can also push up your WB's. 

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