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Career MikeF - Big (Double) Trouble in Little Ajax - COMPLETE

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Season 12

Better from the lads. Arezo has 3 injuries and also wants a new challenge so had a terrible first half of the season but after chatting to him a lot he settled for a while and started scoring again. He’s currently unsettled again however... 














End of Season 12:

Goals: 91 (40+51)

Total 1054/1200

To go: 146


Azero won’t sign a new deal but I have him for two more years meaning I should finishing this ok by then. hopefully I’ll get him to sign a new deal before then but he’s unsettled and being very disruptive.


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I've had similar problems with Arezo in a save I'm running. So much hand holding. Having to shed folks he's not down with... exhausting.

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Yeah he’s a bit of a baby it seems. Disruptive. Has issues with lots of players.

He’ll sign a deal now but annoyingly despite having £200m in the bank and being able to pay £600k/w wages, my board will only let me offer him £300k and he’s currently on £425k so no chance of a deal  

Might be as his stats have dropped due to injuries and not training well that I can’t offer max wages but it’s annoying. 

Ah well. Just means I have two seasons to wrap this up!

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Season 13

They're buckling down to see this one out. Fati signed a new deal - the board let me pay up to £700k a week for him - but Arezo is refusing and this is the last season on his contract. Annoying the board won’t let me pay him stupid wages but his stats have dropped so maybe they don’t think he’s worth it. Regardless I should be able to finish it this season...












End of Season 13:

Goals: 95 (44+51)

Total 1149/1200

To go: 51


Lets do this. 


Edited by MikeF

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Season 14

And we’ve done it. Not without its ups and downs but the boys did good. 













End of Season 14

Goals: 91 (45+46)

Total 1240

Would have been nice if Arezo would have signed a new deal as reckon I could have got a lot more goals out of them but he decided to move to Watford for half the salary I was paying him. No seriously... I was even offering him more but he didn’t want to stay.



Good move buddy...

Anyway, the challenge and my time at Ajax has come to an end.



But this story is far from over!




To be continued...


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Congrats! Is Watford even playing in the CL in your save lol, very "ambitous" move for the Uruguayan. Looking forward to see what you gonna do in "Zebre"!

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1 hour ago, Kun Aguero said:

Congrats! Is Watford even playing in the CL in your save lol, very "ambitous" move for the Uruguayan.

Nope! He played 12 and scored 1 in first season there. They lost in the 2nd round of the cup to Scunthorpe. Maybe he just dreamed of retirement in wonderful Watford!

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