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Career MikeF - Big (Double) Trouble in Little Ajax

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Carrying on with the Triple Crown it's time for my Double Trouble attempt.

Managing to resist the urge to go for Esposito again (he's a beast) I've chosen a couple of other well known youngsters in this year's game. Maybe i'll go more obscure for the Triple Threat next...

First up, I've gone with Ajax. A team I didn't play in 19 so something new there. Big team in a small league should make it easy to score plenty of goals but keeping hold of good players will be tough as they'll want to move onto bigger clubs. Let's hope i can keep the main two guys for as long as is needed.


And talking of those two main guys:



Both should be world class so it's a matter of scoring as many goals as possible before they insist on moving on.


Season 1:

Arezo before and after:





Fati before and after:





A solid 69 goals from their first year playing together.





Nothing particularly groundbreaking here. No huge budgets and a lot of areas to strengthen after they lost the big boys in the summer but got a solid team and moved on some without potential.


How we did:



Stormed the league as expected but didn't even make it out of the CL group stage after drawing a complete group of death (Real, Juve and someone else i forget now)





Arezo getting a lot of assists from free kicks and knocking the ball down to Fati.





End of Season 1:

Goals: 69 (41+28)

Total 69/1200

To go: 1131

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Season 2:

Season 2 was slightly better than season 1 but happy with the results still.







Both looking good now so i'm expecting the goals to flow. Formation is still a work in progress but looking solid now for playing bigger teams too.




A couple of big signings in Fernandes and Milinkovic-Savic to strengthen my midfield and give some depth. Sold a couple of decent players but needed short term gains if i'm to get more goals out of the boys.





Better luck in the CL this year losing to Real Madrid in the semis but coming close.





Haven't used Vignato before but have seen others do well with him and he's certainly delivering. He's on corners for me but a good return regardless.




Net spend is good, stats all average for now but it's early in the save. At least my transfer acumen is above 3 ;)


End of Season 2:

Goals: 74 (43+31)

Total 143/1200

To go: 1057

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Great work Mike both seasons seems to work pretty good

10 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

I'm surprised you were able to afford Milinkovic-Savic's wages. Done well there. Great start! 

yeah me too tbh. Even Gedson Fernandes one also pretty huge to afford 

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Savic is on 140k/week. I moved a lot of my budget into wages to get him. Fernandes was actually quite cheap as he was unhappy. I got him on loan first and when he liked me i made him permanent. A la Spurs ;)


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Great start mate 😁 with these players I'm sure goals will be scored for fun in future years 😉

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Season 3

Not the best season here with regards to goals. I'd expect more goals by the third season but at least we did well in tournaments getting far in the CL.






The lads have come on well and are looking good together, I just need more goals. I was trying a new formation this year for 2 up front but don't like the return so will give me previous one a spin this coming season and see how it compares.





Davies and Skriniar were two big signings i made. Skriniar was unhappy so got him cheap, Davies is still young. Players are getting unsettled fast if a big team comes in for them so i can see my turnover being higher than usual here with a smaller status league.





Great league performance and got to the CL final where Real whipped me.





End of Season 3:

Goals: 65 (39+26)

Total 208/1200

To go: 992

Edited by MikeF

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Season 4

First season going back to my previous DT formation. The return from the front two was better but overall results were marginally worse (very tough CL run didn't help). Goals is what i need so i'll stick with this again.







With the new aerial restrictions i think they're not getting any better in the air but they're looking good for 19/20 years old and still developing.





Savic was unsettled when Chelsea came in for him so had to sell and the same with Wijndal. He went for cheap (was worth over £100m when he moved to Barca) but kicked up a fuss wanting to move, and then got an 11 month spinal injury. Shame.

Ndidi needed for my new formation. Pellegrini to replace Wijndal and Traore for depth in centre mid. Nothing groundbreaking here.





Scored fewer goals but more came from the strikers so i'm ok with that.






End of Season 4:

Goals: 81 (40+41)

Total 289/1200

To go: 911

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Shame you had to lose Wijndal. I’m enjoying an AZ save and he is an absolute beast. Wants to leave constantly but he is still delivering. Should have held out for more £!

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3 hours ago, billy2shots said:

Shame you had to lose Wijndal. I’m enjoying an AZ save and he is an absolute beast. Wants to leave constantly but he is still delivering. Should have held out for more £!

I’ve got a buy back clause of £40m so he’ll end up back with me at some point I’m sure when he gets upset with Barca not playing him. 

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Season 5

The tinkering continues. I wasn't overly happy with the return from my previous formation so started tweaking and setting up in a way I haven't before for the last 10 games of the season. The return was a lot higher in those few games making the season on a par with previous years as i played more games but i'll look to stick with it for a full season and test it out. It does mean my beloved full backs are moot and I need to invest in wingers again but that's all good, I have money now.






You may notice ridiculously high wages now, well that's what the little guys wanted to stay around. Big clubs came sniffing, they got upset when i rejected bids for them and to get them to sign new deals was EXPENSIVE. But I did receive a couple of big bids for players that I had to accept so i managed to tie them down.





Absolute group of death in the CL means I didn't even get past the group stage but that did mean success in the Euro Cup, taking my first European trophy home. That bumped our rep up to 5* so should help recruiting and keeping players.

Not as good in the league, due to previous formation not quite cutting it and me bringing a young keeper through (dodgy in the air until he levels up).





Arezo the entertainer was superb all round. He's on free kicks so gets a lot of assists there. Dest on corners was class as usual but he won't play as big a part this season as i go more attacking in search of goals. I've got a couple of big signing on the way next season who will more than make up for this...





Skriniar was upset that i turned down a bid for him last season and was already on £180k/w so i let him go and replaced him with Kamara. Ndombele had to be bought as he was unhappy and I'm a Spurs fan! And that was a huge big for Vignato - I would have liked to keep him and in the AP role he was amazing but that's too much money to turn down for Ajax. Haaland on a Bosman for back up is just sexy. I sold Davies as i didn't use wingers this season but i have a £40m buy back and 25% of next sale so i can get him back for the same money effectively if i need him later on (unless someone else grabs him!).




Operating a big profit thanks to some big sales recently so that allows me to afford big wages for some big players in my team.


End of Season 5:

Goals: 88 (48+40)

Total 377/1200

To go: 823

Edited by MikeF

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