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Challenges Ronny’s 20


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Ronny’s 20


When Juventus signed Cristiano Ronaldo back in the summer of 2018 it was a clear statement by the club that they wanted to get to the “next level” and specifically to win a Champions League which has eluded them since 1996. When you spend all that money on Ronaldo you expect goals and that’s exactly what he has brought to Juve and as of January 21st 2019 he has so far scored 37 in 48 appearances for the I Bianconeri.

@Ashez shared this Tweet with me the other day and we knew it needed to become a Vibe challenge.


His goal in a 2-1 win over Roma on the 12th January 2020 meant that in just a season and a half he had scored against every Serie A team during that time.

In this challenge you will be trying to do the same as quickly as possible. The aim is to score against 20 different teams in league games as quickly as possible with a player 34+.

Clarification and Rules

  • The player you use must be 34 or older at the start of the save.
  • You may pick any club you wish but they must play in a 20 team league.
  • Only goals in league games count.
  • Promotion or relegation or playoffs count as league matches.
  • You may make any transfers you wish.
  • No unlockables.
  • No holidaying.
  • No reloading, editors or cheating of any kind.
  • Proof is required to make the leaderboard so why not start a career thread so we can all follow your progress.
  • Have fun.


Your points will be the number of league games it took for your player to score against 20 different teams.


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8 hours ago, Woody said:

Nice idea boys... When ive got my head out of my arse i might give this a bash. 


12 minutes ago, danovic78 said:

Love a goal scoring challenge...Will be on this one shortly but which league? 🤔

I had a look earlier at some players and there is some real blasts from the FMMs past in the DB if you look around.

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