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Help Should I buy FMM20?


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I still have FMM19.  Can you give me a quick review of FMM20.  I googled, but couldn't find anything after Nov.  So after two months, do you think I should upgrade?  I don't care about $9, Dutch/Greek leagues or player updates.  Is the match engine better/worse/the same?  How much better/worse are the new features?  More/less bugs?



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I guess my take is if you need persuading then don't bother. Two simple reasons why I bought the game. 1, for the challenges and to be playing the same game as anyone here. 2, the updated DB. I know squads get ripped apart pretty early on so to speak, but I play countless challenges a year and I like starting with updated squads.

If you don't need the above I see no reason to buy the game tbh. 

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