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Help Unresponsive subs button


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fat fingers?

i've mentioned the button can be a crap and "sticky" sometimes. i've had it be unresponsive a couple of times, but nothing major. 

does it still work that if you press your team name it takes you to the sub screen? (at the next break in play) - i haven't tried it, i'll give it a go tonight... could be another option for you (although now they made the team name smaller!)

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Is it happening every single time? And you can never ever make a sub before half time?

If so, then are you on the latest update? I seem to recall an early bug that sounds the same (something to do with slower devices), but that was fixed in the first (I think) update.

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If above fix doesn’t work maybe check game speed as if it’s on fastest there are times I can’t get a sub in since game simulated too fast to HT. Just a thought slowing it down as maybe work around.

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