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Chat What Happens When Players Lose Focus (Spoilers)


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One of the new things in FMM20 is that players can lose focus after signing a "bumper contract deal". But what does that really mean? I took a look behind the curtains to find out.



Note, if you read on you will see hidden attributes for real players, so if you're not into that, hit the back button now...


The Test

I started a new save, loaded England and took over Manchester City. I then gave some players a new contract, with the salary as high as the board would allow. I had 3 players get the "lost focus slightly" message: Stones, Mendy and Jesus.

I then used my (still-in-development, no ETA) scouting app to compare their hidden attributes before and after the message was triggered.


The Results

I'll put the scouting app screenshots in spoilers, but after this I'm gonna assume you're fine with seeing this stuff.









John Stones lost 5 points of Professionalism and 1 point of Consistency.








Benjamin Mendy lost 1 point of Professionalism.








Gabriel Jesus lost 3 points of Professionalism and 3 points of Loyalty.


So... Professionalism was the most impacted attribute, but Loyalty and Consistency were also sometimes affected. Some of the changes were small (-1 point), others were larger (-6 points). Of course it's only a very small sample size, so there is every chance other attributes are affected too, etc.


Is The Change Permanent?

To test this I holidayed 6 months into the future and compared the player's hidden attributes with the reduced ones. None of the 3 players tested had recovered their hidden attributes.

I guess in a real game, this could be offset by mentoring, or by having a good relationship with a coach, but it seems once a player loses focus, it stays lost...


Final Thoughts

As mentioned above this was not a very comprehensive test, but I thought you'd find this interesting nonetheless. The "lost focus" message by itself does not give any indication of what that actually means, but now we at least know that it's impacting the hidden attributes in a negative way.


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I never knew what the hidden attributes actually were. Very interesting to see, and a good test to undertake. I'm a scrooge and hate paying large wages. 😅

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