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Career The 3 MuskeThomas' (sorry)


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I needed a break from current save and wanted to do one of the challenges on here after reading lots of the different challenges done by you guys. So I thought I would give the One Season Strikerless Challenge a go as a nice and quick one before I carry on with my long save. So without further ado here are my 3 non strikers... 





As you can see, I decided the theme should be that shall be named Thomas, like myself (hence the poor title). After all I chose PSG as it is such a poor league but didn't just want to but the best players in the world. 

Now for the formation:


This based mainly on the @DutchTony 4321 tactic with a few changes.

So I had every in place to begin my season and then in the last friendly before the season 


Ah... Good job he isn't by far the best Thomas I have in attack... 

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Good Luck..!

1 hour ago, Rob said:

Good luck! 10/10 for the title of the thread.

100%.. possibly best title to a career thread ever on vibe..!

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@Rob @FlexBrendt @DutchTony thanks for good luck, turns out it has been quite the opposite however... 

So having lost Lemar before the season even started, expectations were not high going into the first match of the season and a cup up for grabs no less. 



But wait... A quick check of the rules... And there are no points for a cup win and no goals or assists for the Thomas'. 

Pointless, figurative and literally! 

But we have started the league well even if the other two Thomas' have 1 goal and no assists, each! 


And now Lemar is back! 


And in form! 


And now out! 


Fuck sake! 

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Did not intend to do the previous post just thought it was funny and couldn't help it. Anyway here are the final results to my season, definitely my most successful season and very enjoyable although the score may not be that great... 

So after finally getting Lemar back he came along and did this


Whilst the other two Thomas' continued to impress and did this



Although for someone who was gash on the pitch he sure was liked


Anyway I managed to win everything for the first time




Plus an unbeaten season, another first! 

But how did the 3 MuskeThomas' do I don't hear anyone asking? 

Well Lemar was brilliant 


The other 2...



The less said the better! Anyway, to anyone who does this challenge, just go for getting the best players you can, don't try and be a clever dick like me... 

And now for the final score, a grand total of... 

248 POINTS! 

Thanks for reading, and hopefully you had a laugh at my misfortune. 

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