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Help “XX” feels his development is being stifled


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Can anyone help me with what to do when the above happens? My star player wants to move due to this. I have the maximum coaches I can have (4) + me (5). 

We are all gold (natural), and between us we have attacking, defending, fitness, goalkeeping and Youth. I can’t work out what more I can do?!



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There is nothing much you could do at this stage unless you play at a much higher level. 

You could try to offer him a better contract, considein that he is only earning 17.5K per week, you should be able to offer him much more as he looked to be one of your star players.

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I've had this. Sacked pretty much all coaches (not scouts / Phys) for new ones from bigger trleam (assumption is that some coaches have different traits to pass like mentoring) and left it and it went it away.  


Promotion can work too but loaning to higher leaugue side is tough to arrange.  


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When they need more specialist coaching you need to hire another coach who would affect them. eg attacking if its a striker. Kane had that so i got two attacking coaches instead of my usual one and he was fine again. Load up on attacking coaches and you might get him happy until you get promoted.

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