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Career martinbog's History Lane Challenge


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martinbog's attempt at The History lane Challenge


Hi everyone, welcome to my career thread where I will be taking on @Kun Aguero's History Lane Challenge.

This (brutal) 16 seasons challenges will let us ascend previous centuries represented by single season challenges on FM 2020. Each season lets you score a maximum of ten points and I will be aiming for my best of the 160 available total points. So let's begin!

As the two first challenges were centered around Italian players, what else than going to Italy for my first club: Napoli.IMG_4843.thumb.PNG.b5e5eac185877dc239c88d6f24096237.PNGIMG_4844.thumb.PNG.671437b338f7ae4b9598eacbb9f2fe64.PNG


Season 1: Roman's Four Emperors 

Challenge : Join any team and name 4 Italians as your version of the Four Emperors. Get as many goals as possible from the Four Emperors in one season. 
Points :
0-25 goals / 2 points
26-50 goals / 4 points
51-75 goals / 6 points
76-100 goals / 8 points
>101 goals / 10 points

Here are my four chosen Emperors:




Transfers in:


Transfers out:


Season 1 results:

We end season with a nice treble, but how did our emperors perform?





Immobile was brilliant and provided nearly half of the needed 101 to score 10 points (43). Belotti was fairly good with 23.However, our inside forwards were underwhelming as Insigne scored 15 and Berardi didn't even reached double-digits with 9.

Total goals = 43+23+15+9 = 90.

Unfortunately, we were 11 goals shy of the 10 points which I felt was obtainable with 4 players but it wasn't meant to be. We score 8 points.

We will now move on to Season 2 where defending will be our aim as we try to defend our Empire.

Challenge summary:

Season Challenge Result Points
Season 1 Roman's Four Emperors 90 goals 8/10
    TOTAL 8


Season 2: Five Good Emperors


Challenge : Sell or demote the Four Emperors from the previous challenge. Name five Italian defensive players ( goalkeeper, defenders, defensive midfielders ). Try your best in defending your Empire by conceding as few league goals as possible in one season.
Points : 
>41 goals conceded / 2 points
31-40 goals conceded / 4 points
21-30 goals conceded / 6 points
11-20 goals conceded / 8 points
0-10 goals conceded / 10 points
Let me present to you our five chosen emperors who will aim to protect the Empire once led by Immobile &co. 
Overall a youthful Italian defensive unit led by captain Bonucci coupled to a defensive tactic should allow us to hopefully stack those clean sheets and concede the least goals possible in Serie A.
Bonus: I couldn't choose who would be our five emperors so here is a sixth upcoming emperor:IMG_4869.thumb.PNG.90d13649cabfabb9f9b17f6bbd58f65c.PNG
Transfers in:
Transfers out:
Season 2 results:
This season, we encountered less success in competitions but it was all about that defense, so what about that?IMG_4901.thumb.PNG.cf2640f8904d790093d1b89d690267f6.PNGIMG_4891.thumb.PNG.7c987194b10929d29c88d46fab38df53.PNG
My tactics which relied on getting 0-0 results by keeping hold of the ball and keeping most players behind it (with the hope of scoring a counter-attacking goals to grasp that 1-0 win) seemed to work. To my great pleasure, we finished as one of the worst attacking team and by miles away the best defensive one (true Italian style). 
However, we conceded 11 league goals which is one too many from gaining all points. Disappointing. That still grants us 8 points on the History Lane though!
The team: 
Challenge Summary:
Season Challenge Result Points

Season 1

Roman's Four Emperors 90 goals 8/10
Season 2 Five Good Emperors 11 clean sheets 8/10
    TOTAL 16

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it!


Next update coming soon where an Asian dynamic trio will aim to take the Italian league by storm.











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