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Chat South American leagues matter!!


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Been playing this game for several years now, and I couldn't help but notice they keep on adding leagues that are rather unpopular (Poland/Ireland/Wales/Korea/Australia) and much more fun and enjoyable leagues such as the brazilian and argentinian ones are being left out evert single year. Its weird cause those leagues ARE in the computer version of the game, and are two of the most played leagues in it. 
I have noting against those leagues I criticase before in the post, but I guess more people would rather play the Copa Libertadores than the Asian Champions League, being the Libertadores a much more competitive, mainstream and difficult tournament to coach at due to its uncertainty and equal opportunities lots of teams have of winning it every year.

Id like to know what you people think tho, would u like to have south American leagues?

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They used to have the Brazilian league in the game but have to remove it due to licensing reasons, that’s also why the Brazilian teams don’t have their real names. Every year I hope for a South American League to be added, preferably the Argentine one, would be nice if they could also re add the Brazilian one again

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