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Career Brisbane Roar Football Club- Changing 'The Roars' fortunes..


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Choosing the team

I wanted to be Brisbane Roar FC as they have been struggling this year in mid-table. This is surprising as the infrastructure of the club is fantastic with an impressive stadium. I wanted to earn them the title, but it was harder than I expected.


Stadium & Facilities

Brisbane Roar have a big stadium which holds 52,500 fans. When I arrived at the club, the average attendance was only 9,000 which is now up to 15,000, so rising steadily. The facilities when I arrived were 'average' but are now upgrades so the 1st Team facilities are Excellent and the Youth Team facilities are Great.


Holiday and Assistant Manager

As with my other saves, my process as manager involves setting out my holiday stance and delegation as seen below:


Staff,Finance and Training

I have managed to keep the Brisbane Roar FC finances in the Green during my reign as seen below. The Staff have had a major update from Basic trained staff to World Class Staff, including my Assistant Manager Baek Young-Chul who has been a great help. The squads training is delegated out to my Assistant Manager just like Sir Alex Ferguson's did.



As always, I used my Pep Guardiola Barcelona 2010-2011 tactic for Brisbane Roar. The tactic requires the simple things being done well, BUT when you have a low quality squad, it struggles & it did in my first seasons changing the culture. In my recent seasons, with a solid defence and fast, efficient attack, the system worked a treat.



As you can see, I spend nothing on the squad this season.  When I first came, the squad had a lot of deadwood, old & low quality players more akin for the conference than the top Australian league. This did take multiple transfer markets to re-align and meant we struggled in my first few seasons BUT slowly slow quality did change and improve.


The result

After 5 Seasons with Brisbane Roar FC, We finally hit the peak of Australian Football. In my 2nd Season at the club, we did win the FFA Cup! In 2023/24, We finally hit the jackpot, winning both the A-League & the A-League finals Series - What an incredible achievement from the lads!


Managers Statsimageproxy.php?img=&key=29906ed9e9968481


League Stats


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