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Help Want to leave for a new challenge!!


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After a player reached 23 they become an issue either wanting to leave or some other issue causing the teams performance to suffer. It seems no point keeping 90% of players after 23 as my teenagers perform better and have higher stars despite having worse attributes. 

It seems pointless to do squad building when most the players want to leave as soon as they reach prime.

I’ll also add I’m in champions league and winning league everyseason

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I’d say it’s not too common in game. They sometimes back down or change their mind. Conversely it’s rare in real life that a player will spend their entire career at a club. Even at the top, players want a new challenge after a while. 

Refreshing the team around them might help. In the real world, statistically a sports team is most likely to win and do well when the squad had been together 3-4 years. Then the probability drops as team stagnates - hello Spurs! (Without the winning...).

The main reason this hurts you is when you’re doing a striker challenge or something where you need to lock a player down for 10-15 years but I found with talking to them often and offering contracts, more often than not you can get players to stay for a bit longer. That said my last DT career ended with a striker leaving on a Bosman (he was 31 and had been with me since he was 16).  It’s just part of the game but it’s never absolute, you can sometimes win them back around. 

Worst case, bin them. No matter how good a player is, if they want to go they won’t put in 100%. 

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When an individual player wants a new challenge the only way I’ve ever been able to resolve it is to either sell them or get them to sign a new contract. I’ve never been able to get rid of it in any other way although maybe things might be different this year because I haven’t played as much as last year. Last year on one of my saves I had my 1k guy want to leave for a new challenge and I had to force him to stay for around two or three years until he just turned 31 and then he finally signed.

I have to be honest and say I haven’t encountered it yet this year with any player but my only long term save so far has been a challenge where the squad has just never been settled for any real length of time. 

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