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Kun Aguero

Fun/Games FMM 20 Chairman Game (MW32)

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1 hour ago, broodje kip said:

Don’t worry I’ll replace you in the second league

I'm way down in bottom tier, so we may not meet until a few seasons in. 

1 hour ago, Kun Aguero said:

2nd MOTM award for Simeone in January, a candidate for Manager Of The Year?

Nope, he sold my players behind my back!! 

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12 minutes ago, JustM1kePlays said:

I should have made more transfers.


You already secured a playoff spot and with 10 games remaining, promotion shouldn't be a problem, Atalanta was close from you though, only 4 pts behind now.

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5 hours ago, Kun Aguero said:

You will need to thank @gunnersaur for giving you Martinez 😂

yeah he’s been great. one of the best steals ever i reckon 

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Match Preview is back! Featuring Tottenham vs Juventus in the first ever Vibe Champions Cup final (which is probably equivalent to Champions League with elite teams all around the globe competing in one tournament).

Previous Results (VCD 2019/20)



Tottenham (H) 1 - 1 Juventus (A)

Cristiano Ronaldo (12")

Harry Kane (31") 

Juventus (H) 1 - 1 Tottenham (A)

Gonzalo Higuain (22")

Dele Alli (39")


No victories in both matches already played between them this season.

Current Form



Juventus LWWWW

Tottenham LWDWL


Juventus obviously looks like the better side based on current form, having winning all 4 of their previous matches, which include beating Arsenal 5-0. Meanwhile Tottenham had been struggling recently with only 2 wins in 5, which are against Sevilla and AC Milan which are consider weaker opponents.

Predicted Lineup



Good news for Tottenham is that their star striker Cristiano Ronaldo will missed the game due to injury, while second top scorer Higuain may also missed the match, which leave Sarri with a veteran Mandzukic and a young Kwang-Song Han as his only striker options. They still have a strong midfield and defensive lineup though.



It wasn't all good news for Tottenham though, as their main goalkeeper Hugo Lloris will also miss the match, which force their manager to play Gazzaniga instead. Harry Kane may also missed the match, as he's still recovering from his injury. As for the midfield and defensive lineup, Dayot Upamecano was once again employed as a DMC.

Can @ThomW12's Tottenham win the first piece of silverware this season, as well as Tottenham's first in years? 

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It's time to reveal the result of the Vibe Champions Cup Final. Who will be crowned as the first ever Vibe Champions Cup winner?



And it's @ThomW12's Tottenham that claimed the trophy at Wembley! Harry Kane who had just returned from injury was the scorer of the only goal of the game, netting in the 29th minute, which became his 6th goal in the Tournament, allowing him to defeat Che Adams and Cristiano Ronaldo to the VCC Golden Boot. Juventus failed to score any goal and Cuadrado's red card add on to their problem. The match ended 1-0 with Tottenham being the first ever winner of Vibe Champions Cup, and that means Inzaghi's team will be the first to complete a sponsorship requirement.


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@RP21Houdini  - 84 points

@BatiGoal – 83 points 

@Titjes – 79 points 

@gunnersaur – 76 points (2 bonus points for Dortmund vs Real Madrid)

@Jsavfc – 75 points 

@ThomW12 – 74 Points 

@LTFC – 64 points 

@Crashhart – 45 points 

 @Ian – 25 points 

@fmhaberdeenfan - 5 points

@broodje kip - 3 points

@JustM1kePlays - 1 point


The winner of the prediction contest will get to make any three transfers in next season irrespective of whether he is participating or not.

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PSG 2 - 1 Arsenal 

Dortmund 3 - 1 Porto

Valencia 2 - 2 Liverpool 

Chelsea 1 - 0 Napoli

Spurs 1 - 4 Barcelona 

Man Utd 3- 0 Arsenal

Liverpool 2 - 4Spurs 

PSV 0- 2 RB Leipzig 

Everton 1 - 3Torino 

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PSG 2 - 0 Arsenal 

Dortmund 2 - 1 Porto

Valencia 0 - 2 Liverpool 

Chelsea 1 - 1 Napoli

Spurs 1 - 3 Barcelona 

Man Utd 0 - 0 Arsenal

Liverpool 2 - 1 Spurs 

PSV 0- 3 RB Leipzig 

Everton 1 - 1 Torino

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PSG 3-0 Arsenal 

Dortmund 1-1 Porto

Valencia 1-1 Liverpool 

Chelsea 2-0 Napoli

Spurs 2-0 Barcelona 

Man Utd 2-0 Arsenal

Liverpool 2-4 Spurs 

PSV 0-2 RB Leipzig 

Everton 1-3 Torino

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PSG 0-1 Arsenal 

Dortmund 3-1 Porto

Valencia 0-3Liverpool 

Chelsea 2-1 Napoli

Spurs 1-3Barcelona 

Man Utd 2-2 Arsenal

Liverpool 4-2Spurs 

PSV 0-3 RB Leipzig 

Everton 0 -2 Torino

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PSG 1 - 2 Arsenal

Dortmund 2 - 0 Port

Valencia 0 - 4 Liverpool

Chelsea 2 - 0 Napoli

Spurs 0 - 2 Barcelona

Man Utd 2 - 0 Arsenal

Liverpool 2 - 1 Spurs

PSV 0 - 2 Leipzig

Everton 0 - 3 Torino

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· Posted (edited)

Matchweek 29 Results

Vibe Challenger Division

Arsenal @gunnersaur vs Valencia



All evens in the match that could potentially by a relegation decider, with 2 winter signings Ben Chilwell and Michy Batshuayi scoring for both sides. 

Chelsea @broodje kip vs Napoli



Another defeat for Chelsea, still no wins for them since the takeover. On the scoresheet for Chelsea were Fabian scoring against his former team and Christian Pulisic. 2 more injuries for Chelsea add on to their current troubles.

Real Madrid vs Man Utd @Crashhart



A humiliating defeat for Man Utd, thanks to a hat-trick from former Barca player Ousmane Dembele. 

PSG vs Arsenal @gunnersaur



What a match! 2-2 before half-time, while Arsenal took the lead in the 57th minute, but PSG's attack was too strong for Arsenal as Neymar and Griezmann's goals gave them full 3 points. Again, lots of injuries for the Arsenal team, can they survive the drop?

Dortmund @LTFC vs Porto



Dortmund were in danger of relegation just a few weeks ago, but a series of impressive performance (mainly from Lautaro Martinez) brought them to the upper half of the table, with a European spot just a few places away.

Valencia vs Liverpool @Jsavfc



😮 What an interesting league the VCD turned out to be, the league leader Liverpool thrashed 4-0 by a lower table side Valencia. Goals from Kang-In Lee, Goncalo Guedes and 2 from their new signing Michy Batshuayi gave Valencia a surprising 4-0 win over Liverpool, possible ruining Liverpool's title chances. The 2 goals from former Chelsea player Batshuayi were also his 3rd in 3 league games for Valencia. Regretting selling him now @broodje kip?

Tottenham @ThomW12 vs Barcelona @Titjes



Tottenham failed to get a win against Barcelona after their Vibe Champions Cup win, while goal from Luis Suarez gave Barca a huge boost in their title chances.

Sevilla vs Chelsea @broodje kip



Another humiliating defeat for Chelsea, this time to another relegation favorites Sevilla.

Man Utd @Crashhart vs Arsenal @gunnersaur



The "race to relegation" between Arsenal and Chelsea continues, as Arsenal once again defeated. Good news for the Gunners are that their new signing Ben Chilwell was in fine form, scoring his 2nd goal in 3 matches.

Liverpool @Jsavfc vs Tottenham @ThomW12



Look away now Spurs fan 😂 Mohamed Salah ran riot against Spurs scoring 5 goals to give Liverpool a 5-0 win, his 30th league goals this season, a huge 12 goals ahead of 2nd Top Scorer Griezmann. 


Liverpool still top of the table, but Barcelona just need to win 3 out of their 4 games in hand to overtake them, even Man City have a chance to overtake them with 3 games in hand. Dortmund had a chance for a Europa League or even Champions League spot, with only 4 points separating them and Juventus, and 6 between them and Bayern. Tottenham and Man Utd are quite safe from relegation now, but Top 7 still does not seem too possible. At the lower half of the table, Chelsea and Arsenal are now tied in points, but both of them still had a chance to escape relegation. Here's their remaining fixtures.



Chelsea seems to have a tougher fixture, facing Liverpool and Man City, but in a league which Valencia can beat Liverpool 4-0, everything is possible. Can they escape the drop, or will both of them be playing in the Diamond Division next season? Drop your predictions.


Vibe Platinum Division

PSV vs RB Leipzig @JustM1kePlays 



No problem for RBL as goals from former Gunners Nelson and Nordi Mukile gave them a 2-0 win over 3rd place PSV, just a few games before they sealed a promotion spot.

RB Leipzig @JustM1kePlays vs Cruzeiro



The Platinum Division was just too easy for RBL as they get a huge 6-0 win over a weak Cruzeiro, with goals from Konrad Laimer, Reiss Nelson, Kevin Kampl and Yussuf Poulsen, his 20th league goal with gave him a slight lead in the Race for Golden Boot, 1 goal ahead of Cruzeiro's Andrea Belotti ( @BatiGoal ).


1 win is enough for RB Leipzig to seal a promotion spot, while they also have a huge chance to win the league title, having a 7 points advantage.


Vibe Gold Division

Everton vs Torino @BatiGoal



All even between 3rd place Torino and 9th place Everton, with goals from Sigurdsson and Rugani, while Esposito finally failed to score.


Torino can still fail to qualify for the play-off, 10 points separating them and 8th place Leicester with 9 games remaining, tied in points between them and 4th place West Ham , and 9 points between them and first place Espanyol. Any predictions for Torino's final standing?

Edited by Kun Aguero

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😯Honestly I don’t find ourselves staying in the league but that’s a good opportunity to grow our youngster by winning the diamond division 

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