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Kun Aguero

Fun/Games FMM 20 Chairman Game (MW32)

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Tottenham 1 - 2 Madrid

Barcelona 3 - 1 PSG

Chelsea 1 - 1 Benfica

Arsenal 0 - 2 Man City

Dortmund 0 - 1 Barcelona

Barcelona 2 - 1 Madrd

Sevilla 0 - 3 Liverpool


Southampton 0 - 2 Torino

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Tottenham 2-0 Madrid

Barcelona 4-0 PSG

Chelsea 1 - 2 Benfica

Arsenal 0 - 2 Man City

Dortmund 0 - 3 Barcelona

Barcelona 2 - 3 Madrd

Sevilla 1-2 Liverpool


Southampton 0 - 2 Torino

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Tottenham 1 - 2 Madrid

Barcelona 2 - 1 PSG

Chelsea 1 - 0 Benfica

Arsenal 0 - 3 Man City

Dortmund 0 - 3 Barcelona

Barcelona 1 - 1 Madrid

Sevilla 0 - 2 Liverpool


Southampton 1 - 3 Torino

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Matchweek 31 & 32

Vibe Challenger Division

Gonna try some different updating style separating the 7 teams in VCD, into 3 zones The Title Challenger Zone consisting of Liverpool and Barca, The Relegation Zone consisting of Chelsea and Arsenal, and Top 7 Contenders Zone consisting of the other 3 teams.

Race For Top 7 

Mathematically, @LTFC's Dortmund, @ThomW12's Tottenham and @Crashhart's Man Utd still have hopes to get a spot in Top 7.

Tottenham vs Real Madrid



Quite a surprising result with Tottenham claiming a surprise win against Real Madrid thanks to goals from Juan Foyth and Timo Werner, despite having their star striker Kane and defender Alderweireld injured. Sweet revenge for Inzaghi's men as they were defeated 5-0 by Real Madrid in their last encounter.

Napoli vs Dortmund



Their 2nd consecutive defeat after the 3-1 defeat to Liverpool last week, losing 2-0 to a Napoli side which have bounced back in form after having a poor start in VCD.

PSG vs Tottenham



Another tough match for Tottenham, but no luck this time as they were narrowly defeated by PSG with Sarabia scoring the winner in the 83rd minute.

Dortmund vs Barcelona

Results in The Race For Title 

Benfica vs Dortmund



Easy and comfortable win for Dortmund with Lautaro Martinez scoring his 6th and 7th league goal for Dortmund. Already more than his 4 league goals for Arsenal in the first half of the season.This win brings Dortmund up to 9th place, tied in points with 7th place Juventus, but Juventus still have 2 games in hand.

Tottenham vs Valencia



It's Timo Werner's show time again, as Tottenham cruised to a 3-1 win against Valencia, with Werner scoring 8th and 9th league goals of the season.

Man Utd vs Porto



A quite shocking result in this one as Man Utd slumped to a 1-0 defeat against Porto. 


The Relegation Zone

Chelsea vs Benfica



A goal fest with both teams scoring 3 each but no winners in this one.

Arsenal vs Man City



Nothing too special as Arsenal are once again defeated, 0-3 to Man City which result in this ...


Nagelsmann sacked just after 4 months!


Race For Title

Barcelona vs PSG



Lots of matches for Barcelona this week, which started with a huge win against PSG. Messi was the hero scoring 2 goals in 6 minutes, while former Barca player Griezmann earned himself a red card.

Liverpool vs Inter



Liverpool aren't too safe on the top of the table, and they slumped to yet another defeat against Inter.

Dortmund vs Barcelona



Just when Barca thought that they can finally overtake Liverpool, Guardiola and his Dortmund team say no! A surprising win for Dortmund against Barcelona.

Barcelona vs Real Madrid



Another good news for Liverpool fans, as Barcelona are defeated again, this time by their El Clasico rival Real Madrid in a 2-1 match.

Sevilla vs Liverpool



However that does not mean that Liverpool are safe on the top, as they were surprisingly defeated by a 12th place Sevilla. Good news for Liverpool is that their winter signing James Rodriguez had a good game scoring a brace, while Salah scored his 32nd league goal of the season.

League Table



Liverpool still on top, with 2 teams having the chance to overtake if they played their games in hand, which are Barca with 3 games in hand and only 1 point separating them, and Man City with 4 games in hand and only 5 points separating them.

Dortmund have the chance to get into Top 7, now tied in points with Juventus, but more games played. Tottenham are also close to Top 7, while Man Utd are now far from Top 7 and close from relegation zone, but still fairly safe from relegation.

Chelsea and Arsenal still tight in 17th and 18th place, the new Arsenal manager must do his best in keeping Arsenal in VCD.


Vibe Platinum Division

RB Leipzig vs Eibar



Huge win for RBL with 2 former Arsenal player Goretzka and Nelson scoring for them.

Galatasaray vs RB Leipzig



Bore draw between the two teams.


RB Leipzig had now secured a promotion spot alongside Atalanta, and close to the title with 3 more games to be played.


Vibe Gold Division

Monterrey vs Torino



Comfortable win for Torino against bottom place Monterrey

Southampton vs Torino



All evens in this one as Torino drew with 5th place Southampton.


Espanyol officially won the VGD title, while Torino climbed to 2nd place. With 3 more games to be played, Torino still aren't technically safe for promotion with their final 3 matches against Espanyol, Lille and Real Betis.

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3 minutes ago, broodje kip said:

6 games to go and I’m 1 point off the relegation zone

Juventus, Bayern, Liverpool, Man City, Tottenham and Atletico for your last 6 matches 😉

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