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Chat Midfield trio combination


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I am currently running an experiment in which I am using a midfield trio composing of:






In which I am having a mentality of Control, Fast


Is it a viable trio if I want to play a possession based game?

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Not sure fast is going to get you more possession as if players play quicker they are more likely to make mistakes and give the ball away.

As for the roles I would say stick with them and continue your experiment and see if they work how you want over a good number of matches. If not then give them a tweak as perhaps a CM would pass more simply and keep possession more than a DLP/AP who looks for the killer (riskier) passes.

Really the only way to know is to play matches and see what happens.

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Yeah BBM are still quality. I do love a good CM though. Solid and gets a lot of assists as more of a support role. BBM score a lot too. Depends what you’re going for. Haven’t really played with DLP. 

I do like a slow tempo in fmm20 however. Hadn’t really used it before but good for possession or with players they aren’t as good as they won’t rush. 

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