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Challenges The 'Brothers In Arms' Challenge


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The ‘Brothers in Arms’ Challenge 

‘Footballing Brothers: The best sibling rivalries in the beautiful game’

Carving out a professional career in the beautiful game is an achievement in itself. Those that manage it are part of a select few and become the envy of, well, almost everybody. But what about when lighting strikes twice in the same household? A leg up in the game courtesy of a generous footballing gene pool is a lot more common than you might think.

Some of the following you will know, some of them you won’t, but either way, they are still remembered for their commitment to the game we all love.

Yaya and Kolo Touré  Sócrates & Raí
Gary and Phil Neville  Ronald and Erwin Koeman
Gabriel & Diego Milito  Michael and Brian Laudrup
Paolo & Fabio Cannavaro  Rio and Anton Ferdinand
Rafael & Fabio da Silva  Pippo and Simone Inzaghi
Aleksei & Vasili Berezutski  Franco and Giuseppe Baresi
Rod & Ray & Danny Wallace  Bobby and Jack Charlton
Mikel & Xabi Alonso  Siem & Luuk De Jong







 The Challenge - (Can you end on Plus score?)

  • You can start at any club (not one created with "My Club", though).
  • 1 Season to win as much as possible with your chosen ‘Brothers’ in the team
  • Take your Minus figure and turn it into a Plus 
  • Buy 5 Sets of Brothers for the Season
  • Do you buy Cheap to keep the Minus figure down, or buy expensive to get more goals and assists?

The Rules

  • No unlockables allowed, except those you unlock during the save.
  • You can only get points from the ‘Brothers 
  • No cheating (i.e. reloading to avoid injuries, replaying matches etc.)
  • No text changes, use of the save editor or pre-editor.
  • International goals do NOT count.
  • Either match engine is allowed.
  • Choose Italy – England – Spain & Germany (to see all brothers) in any order
  • Please show screenshots of the 5 sets of Brothers bought
  • Any other transfers allowed
  • Enjoy (Hopefully)

Brothers to Select from (5 Sets have to be Bought or already in Team)

**For the Alcantara brothers (Search Rafinha or Thiago only)

   Brother 1  Position  Brother 2  Position 
 1 - Boateng  Jerome (FC Bayern)  DC  Kevin-Prince (Fiorentina)  AM C, ST
 2 - Bender  Lars (Bayer 04)  DR  Sven (Bayer 04)  D/DMC
 3 - Alcantara  Rafinha (Vigo)  AM RC  Thiago (FC Bayern)  DM/M/AMC
 4 - Ayew  Andre (Swansea)  AM RL, ST  Jordan (Crystal Palace)  AM R, ST
 5 - Dos Santos  Jonathan (LA Galaxy)  M RC  Giovani (CF America)  AM RLC, ST
 6 - Hazard  Eden (R.Madrid)  AM RLC  Thorgan (Borussia Dortmund)  AM RLC, ST
 7 - Lukaku  Romelu (Inter)  ST  Jordan (Lazio)  D/ML
 8 - Donnarumma  Antonio (AC Milan)  GK  Gianluigi (AC Milan)  GK
 9 - Maguire  Harry (Man Utd)  DC  Joe (Accrington)  D/WB L
 10 - Benteke  Christian (Crystal Palace)  ST  Jonathon (TSV Alemannia Aachen)  AM RC, ST


  • Brother gets Goal/Assist = 1 Point
  • Gk – Clean Sheet = 1 Point
  • Bonus - Both brothers get a Goal or Assist in the same game = 10 Points
  • Cup Win = 20 Points
  • League Win = 50 Points
  • Start - Total value of 5 sets of brothers = (minus) - £/€


Starting 'Value' – Hazard already in team (Value £178mil) = (Minus) -178

For every player bought, price bought = Minus figure 

                               Rest of team bought £91 mil = 178 + 91 = -269 Points

Brothers score 50 Goals – 50 Points

Brothers make 50 Assists – 50 Points

Gk – 10 Clean sheets – 10 points (only if Donnuramma in team) 

League Win = 50 Points

2 Cup wins = 40 Points

Total = (minus) -269 + 200 leaves a score of (Minus) -69 Points

So as you can see this is a challenge starting on a Minus score, but can your 'Brothers' bring you success to turn that (minus) score into a plus score, remember ONLY your brothers gain you points.

'Brothers in Arms' LeaderBoard






Edited by Cockers2505
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Great challenge, Cocker, it's on my list. 

One question:

On 28/02/2020 at 04:54, Cockers2505 said:

Starting score – Hazard already in team (Value £178mil) = (Minus) -178

For every player bought, price bought = Minus figure 

                               Rest of team bought £91 mil = 178 + 91 = -269 Points

So essentially if I were to player exchange the entire team of brothers with £0 involved I'd start on a 0 score? That feels unfair, like cheating the challenge. Perhaps change the 'price bought' to 'starting value' at the club, like in Hazard's case if managing Madrid. 

A suggestion, as I don't want to take advantage of such loopholes. 

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Hi @BatiGoal thank you for your input, I have amended to 'Value' as suggested to prevent the 'Cheats' of the world (not that there are any in this forum 🤔

Thanks mate as always, hope this finds you well throughout this crazy time in our lives.

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6 hours ago, Lord Danish said:

Good challenge but I have one question here. If I choose Eden Hazard and Kylian or Thorgan and Kylian does that still counts

Hi Danish, I didn't add Kylian as he was not one of those who people recognised in the Hazard Family, so in this case I will leave out Kylian and just stick with Eden and Thorgan

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