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Career Double Dutchies

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After a few carreers with the yougsters at Ajax, it's time to give them te Premier League platform! I want to try to score as many goals as possible with two dutch players in one of the toughest competitions. 


The club i've chosen is: Manchester City. The clubs signs two new yougster for this challenge:

Naci Ünüvar and Brian Brobbey:


For this challenge I use the winter Update. Wish me luck!

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A slow start for the yougsters Brobbey and Unuvar. The competition is of a very high level, this makes scoring very difficult for these young players. In the meantime, I am reasonably satisfied with the development they are going through.

In the first year we do win all prizes in England. Unfortunately I encounter the same problem as Pep Guardiola, we don't get any further than the quarterfinals in the Champions League.

Our season


Development players

Brobbey is developing fine, he scores the most goals of the two. Unuvar is little behind in development, but he is still very young. 







Total Goals:


Off to season 2!

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By the age of Brian becoming 20 you’ll have 100-150 in the bag, which is great, then you’ll be able to kick on with three years of squad build and smash it. KIU!

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