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Career French Fancies - A Strikerless Triple Threat


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After winning the prize of a lifetime and getting the great @BatiGoal to follow me and advise me, I thought it was time to post my new career that I have started.

Having tried the strikerless season challenge with a bunch of muppets called Thomas, I thought I would do the same again... but with a bunch of French muppets... and for longer... 

So let me introduce the frenchmen who will be leading the line (without actually leading the line) for the mighty PSG:




These are the heroes chosen for the challenge and it has got off to a good start


2 down, 1498 to go

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End of season 1 update (finally) 

Been possibly the longest it has taken for me to complete a season, damn work and kids, but here it is and lots to get through. 

Firstly I won the league quite comfortably and one cup, but lost in the semi final of the other cup and champions cup. 


Unfortunately something has gone wrong with upload files so you will just have to take my word for it. The important thing is how the players got on and inadvertently more important was my international endeavour which I will get onto on the next post as well as my players performances. 




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52 minutes ago, BatiGoal said:

Expectations are growing exponentially.. 👀 

They shouldn't, just couldn't post my second part last night with the site down, will post it now instead 

added 0 minutes later

So I can't upload files currently so I will just say what happened:


Diaby got 21 goals, won ligue 1 player of the year and young player of the year


Adli scored 12 goals


And Mejbri got 10 although it took him a few months to get a single shot let alone a goal, had to change his position to SS. 


The best part of the season however was become manager of Kosovo for shits and gigs. I managed to get them into the Euros where I lost to Switzerland, drew against Wales before beating Spain (I have a picture of it)! This meant I qualified for the second round where I lost to England. 


But why does this matter at all? Well it turns out my victory over Spain meant they played France in the next round. So after France got knocked out, they felt a change in manager was required AKA me, happy days getting the France job after only 1 season. 


My only dilemma is Mbappe, he has green in the striker position so I sold him for my strikerless PSG but surely I can't ditch him from the France squad? Then again it is my save and I pinky promise to not use him as a striker!


43/1500 but lots to look forward to. 

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