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Career Bolton challenge


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I thought, I would take on the challenge of leading Bolton back to glory, with such a challenging club, with no money, no decent players, point deduction at the start of the season, well this made we want to select Bolton as my team to start with.


To start of I sold all players at the club, looked at free agent that I could use or sell for money to buy decent players, I aimed at buying players that are fans of the clubs such as

Ashley Fletcher  (Striker)

signed £3.5 Million

Luke Daniels (GK) 

Signed for £1 million 

Will Jaaskelainen (GK) 

Signed for £925k

They have been a great addition to the club, Ashley has played well in cup games, as well as Daniels and Jaask both valuable players for the future. 

Several great free agents that I'm using for this season, but at the end of the season I'll sell those players and get at least £20 million for all players at the end of the season 8 players to sell, I'll then search for some decent players in free agent market and look at players contracts ending that I would like to buy, I'm currently building up my youth squad with a lot of talented players for championship and Premier division


Let's me know what you all think but think I'll end up winning all the cups this season but will end up Finnishing about 3rd in the league I recon but hopefully 1st place


Thought I'd post this up for those bolton fans or players looking for some quick easy tips to help with challenging clubs such as Bolton 






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I did this challenge with my friend and I really enjoyed it to the max. 

Just to note. Eddie Brown became ultra insane alongside Darcy. 

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Eddie Brown and Ronan Darcy 2025. I have loads of photos scattered all of the player. Do let me know if you need any help with Bolton! It was a real fun adventure. I've never gotten any more legendary youngsters than I got in Bolton somehow. Such a shame. 

First Season 5th (77pts) - Promoted via playoff
Second Season 7th (85pts) - don't ask me how that wasn't enough
Third Season 1st (97pts) - Promoted to EPL
Fourth Season 8th (56pts) 
Fifth Season 2nd (80pts) - alot of regens came into the pic. Won Carabao Cup but lost finals of FA
Sixth Season 1st (92pts) - reached final of UCL and winner of FA Cup. 





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