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Help Help creating a tactic

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Hi Fellas

Just got FMM2020, all in all its good but I don't think it looks as good as FMM2019 but hey ho !

I love playing LLM, and I am a bit of a 4-4-2 dinosaur, as a devotee of non-league football.  I am currently in the Danish 2nd division as manager of Thisted FC and I'm trying to build a tactic based on the Man U team of 99.  I know someone has done this in another topic which has helped but I'm a bit confused on the wingers side of things.  

I'm after my left winger to be similar to Ryan Giggs so makes runs into the box etc whereas on the right they will be more crossing focussed lobbing it in to the target man to pickup.  I have players that can sort of play like this, but do I use wingers, wide midfielders or inside forwards ?  Also, what position on the field is best Eg. AML or ML  and is it a good idea to have say an AML in an advanced position and a MR in the normal midfield position.

Finally, are there any does and donts around midfielder placements ?  I would prefer one mid as more of a defensive minded spoiler/tackler/enforcer and the other more of a number 8 skillful attacking mid who likes to get forward when possible.

I am still very much of the old school when it comes to Football Manager so the player roles etc are a bit of a mystery to me :)


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trial and error is always the main advice :)

i haven't done a lopsided midfield like you suggest, but it could work. i play with two IF's high up, but i'm not quite sure if Giggs would be IF or W... and as for the Beckham role on the other side, he might be more of an AP really...

my mdifield two has been AP + BWM for ages and it works for me. but some advocate the other roles too - i'm not very adventurous (my trial and error tends to result in lots of errors, so not many trials!), so maybe i'm missing out :)

good luck!

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