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Help Lower League Tactics

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Hi guys I’ve been very keen to know what tactics everyone is using for lower league sides, I was using the same tactic I usually always use for my Everton save, but I feel my plates can’t keep up with the fast pace of these tactics, is there anything I can change if so what. 

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um... either slow the tactic, or get players with speed and stamina? :)

this has still been working absolutely fine for me:

results can be seen in my Italian career

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I’ve recently been sacked from my Everton career mode. I was quite baffled by this as in my 1st season I brought them to 3rd place as there objectives were euro cup 7th to 5th and to outstand that was a massive achievement in my debut season. In my 2nd season I bought the best player I’ve ever purchased in FMM that was Diego Jota he is unreal and world class, his technique and work rate gets him 25+ goals a season in all comps. I finished top of my group in the champions league and unfortunately drew Barcelona in the round of 16 which told to be too strong in such a short time at the club. I was in the building process at the club. I finished 5th in the league, in my 3rd season I won the euro league and finished 5th again witch allowing me to go to the champions league. In my 4th season I was top of league for so long getting to the semi finals of the champions cup, losing to a strong PSG, I was top with 12 games to go, I had a terrible end to the season winning 2 and drawing 2 and losing the rest which made me finish 5th finishing 5th 3 seasons in a row wasn’t to be something behind closed doors wasn’t working. So I asked for more time, they declined and let me go, now I’m at Inter Milan, such a good move for me and I’m doing so well, just don’t want a repeat of my last season at Everton, need to stay on top of it, if a tactic isn’t working change it, players are playing bad, have faith in my rotations. I’m doing well, luckily Zebre are having a terrible season atm in 5th. Well into the 5th season they’ve left me with a big stand point, great players. Let me know how you’re getting on in your Italian save or any other save for that matter. 

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