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Career Rob’s Final Strikerless Attempt - The End


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I know I said elsewhere I was going to try for a Strikerless 1kc, but... if I am to be completely honest I am sick of Strikerless challenges and the thought of doing a long career makes me want to vomit, so I thought I’d have one last go at this One Season challenge and then it park it until next year’s version of the game. Or my sister has overwritten the save file. You decide.

So, in my new style of bullet points:

  • I went obvious: PSG. Two transfer budgets, lots of expensive players to sell, and a few decent players to keep;
  • I opted for three players. Two obvious, one less so;
  • Asensio will play in the middle. For me he is set up ideally to be my main man;
  • Bailey will cut in from the left, attacking with pace;
  • Please score my pancakes out of ten (my wife made them, if I’m honest);
  • Rafa is my wildcard. He isn’t cheap, but I like him and hope he does ok

Wish me luck!




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Thanks lads. They’re from pancake day. Well, the photos are... not the pancakes, otherwise they’d have been a bit mouldy 🤣

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Thanks Ian.

Lads, I’ve passed the positive feedback on the pancakes on to the other half. Once she’d gotten past the fact I put a photo of them on a football Internet forum, I genuinely think she was rather chuffed.

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Ok, it is actually just over half-way through the season and:

  • Goal difference of 48 and league points of 51;
  • Bailey got a month-long injury. All other injuries were just tiny niggles;
  • Did you know the place on Earth furthest from land is Point Nemo? The nearest humans are on the International Space Station when it orbits above the spot. Amazing. Search it on a YouTube. It’s fascinating. What a jolly large world we live in;
  • We are still in the cups, albeit made a bit of a mess of getting through the CL group stage;
  • I know, I know... mid-season updates are boring 



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The End

I finished the challenge and it went fairly well:

  • I forgot transfer photos, so if anyone has a big problem with that do let me know. But I played as PSG, and with that you get lots of money, which I duly spent! 
  • Asensio got a three week injury, which was annoying as the whole tactic flows right through him. Rafa came centrally for those games;
  • We won the league with a goal difference of 103 and points total of 104. This contributes 207 to the final score;
  • We won a few things, but got totally FMMed out of the Champs League. As my theory always goes, though, it just means you can play players more constantly towards the end rather than resting them, which turns it in to a positive. Or I could just he talking rubbish;
  • Bailey grabbed 20 goals and 21 assists, giving him 41 points;
  • Rafa nabbed 36 goals and 19 assists, granting him 55 points;
  • Asensio, the main boy, smashed 48 goals and assisted 27 more, contributing 75 points

This gives us a total score of 378, which I’m delighted with.

I will reiterate, this is the last Strikerless challenge I will do this year, so you can all relax as you don’t need to be polite anymore, haha.

Thanks for reading and all comments!




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17 minutes ago, Kanegan said:

Cracking score mate. I was expecting 400+ though, considering this is your last strikerless career. 😂


9 minutes ago, BatiGoal said:

Great score, Rob, this is probably my next challenge. 

Thanks chaps. I do expect one, if not both, of you to top me though. Best of luck! 

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23 minutes ago, smoggy90 said:

Great score there mate! Asensio is lethal isn’t he. 

He is nuts, and really not as expensive as he should be.

18 minutes ago, Ian said:

Brilliantly done Rob. Rafa certainly didn’t let you down.

He is bloody awesome.

Thanks chaps.

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