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Chat Best Tactic For 2 Striker Formations

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So guys, I absolutely hate using 1 striker formations are I feel they limit my strikers with scoring goals and my wingers are given more attention that’s just my personal preference. I just end up with lazy wingers. 

I’d love to know people’s best 2 striker formation tactics as I’d like to try them out. Please help me out this would be a great help. 

4312 is my ideal formation.

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19 hours ago, Cockers2505 said:

Check out my career, I've been using 2 strikers throughout with success in every club

Fair play for it too, jut had a read!

I can never do anything with Carlisle and I've tried them a few times.

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Two Poachers

1 AM 

2 BBM and 1 CM 

2 WBs and 2 BPDs

GK, ofcourse 

Mentality: attack

Look for overlap and thru balls

Mixed passing distribution 

Its going to be amazing 

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4-4-2 with either 2 IF or wingers, depending on your squad. 2 CM's, AP (passing, decisions, creativity and movement) and B2B (Defensive player with stamina). 2 FB's (half-decent dribbling and crossing enough) and 1 CB and 1 BPCB. Mixed passing with overlap with wingers or Early crosses and Run with ball with IF. Strikers with good TM and a quick and good shooting poacher. Works every time with frequent trashings. Best results are for me 134 goals in EPL and 4 seasons and running without league defeat and 166 goals in L2 (playing with mighty King's Lynn with only-english team with smallest wage budget. Adam Marriott scored 56 in 35 games in L2 after starting in Conference North). Tactic is perhaps boring because works too well.


Yes, we do need some challenge to mobile version. Normal or hard difficulty, how hard would it be installed, seriously?

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My best season was with Kings Lynn using a 3-4-1-2 formation with tactics I got from the index. (Major League Soccer 3-4-3) Only 1 league loss and won the FA Trophy in my first season as a NLN team.

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