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Career Tree and Vibe Battle the Bosses - S2 finished

Mr Tree

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Hello Vibe!

Having completed my 30yr epic in Italy, it's time for a change of scene and a new challenge.

I will take on Bati's Battle of the Bosses

And my weapon of choice will be...


...the one, the only!!


That's right! I'd forgive you for not noticing but Mr Vibe himself snuck back onto the game with the latest update, having moved from Sweden to Denmark, where he signed for powerhouse FC Hardtospell!

So that's where our adventure will take place:


It'll be difficult - our foes are awesome, and Lasse's not that good:


But he's not that bad! "No major concerns", what's not to like?!



So I will be taking on the five bosses, or maybe just one if this doesn't go well!! First off, my striker has to score more goals than the sum of Ronaldo's goals + POTM awards, with any red cards netting Cristiano 10 bonus points!!

Wish me luck!

Edited by Mr Tree
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Season 1 halfway update

Well this happened in the second match:


And then his return was short-lived:


And some voiced their doubts about the aging legend:


We surged back to claim top spot in our Europa League group with a final-day win over Sporting Lisbon:


And that left Lassie on six overall at the winter break.....1480856502_Screenshot_20200317-180328_FM20Mobile.thumb.jpg.22a6c08e39512754f5e393202187b9e2.jpg

But how was Cristiano getting on?

He's also on six! 5 goals plus a man of the match award!


Ho ho how I laughed at being level with the boss at half-time...

Then I clicked Continue... Continue... Continue... And it dawned on me that Ronny was getting a free run at two months of action here!

So upon resumption in Denmark...


Eek, Ronny's only played one game but he's bagged a hat-trick, fortunately not getting man of the match in the process ;)

So we're 6-9 down as we turn the corner...

Edited by Mr Tree
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Good luck with this one.

I enjoyed it but there was some funny management which didn't really give me the full challenge experience I was looking for.

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Ouch, bad luck with those injuries! Still it looks like you still have a decent chance to win... Good luck for the rest of the season. Keep him in cotton-wool! 😄

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Season One end-of-season update

We couldn't get far with a tough draw in Europe:


But we smashed the league easy enough - the Danish league is a doddle:


Lasse got my last goal of the season:


Which meant he just about snuck on to the leaderboard - with my main man miles clear at the top:



Vibe was like "Kaba man, quit hogging the ball, pass to me!" and Kaba said "Lasse, I'm Sory"

Second and third place there are two of loaned-out players too (couldn't recall anyone), which bodes well.

So with one cup goal too, Vibe ended up with 12:


Ronaldo's total was Goals plus PoM, with a bonus for red cards. He was on 9 in February, and as the end of the season approached...

...he was still on 9!


Given how odd the game can be, I waited until the New Season option before checking to get Ronny's final score.

So on June 29th I went to the Zebre squad and... He wasn't there!

I checked the Portugal squad and I did a search by name, nothing - he must've retired. I'll take it.

Vibe 12-9 Ronaldo - boss defeated!

Edited by Mr Tree
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Season Two Halfway Update

So we move on to battle Leo Messi, who can use his goals plus assists, with bonus points if they reach the CL final.

We got Lasse tied down for the duration...


We got through to the CL group stage, but we had a brute of a draw. A heroic draw in Munich gave us a chance, but we lost our last game at home to Ajax:


So as we resumed after the winter break, Lassie was one 12:


And Leo's only on 8!


So we're 12-8 up, but Barca are still in the Champions League - those bonus points could hurt me, so I'll be hoping someone can eliminate them...

Edited by Mr Tree
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Season 2 results

Cruised the league again - I cashed in €90m of talent and couldn't find great players to recruit so only spend about €20m. The squad was still nice but obviously I lost a few good players so had an occasional crap game...


We added the cup his year, although we needed extra time:


Where did that leave Lasse?

Only four goals from his last 14 games, yuck. Just like in real life when he was at Brentford, he could look a real player when he was on it, but he could disappear into these six-match funks where he was a total waste of space :(


But how does that compare to the boss...

A down year for Leo! Lasse wins 16-15!


Wait what, why can't I move? Why is the screen flashing?

Oh no! The boss has used his special Bonus Attack - 10 bonus points for reaching the Champions League Final!


So the final score is Vibe 16-25 Messi, and I've fallen at the second hurdle :(

Oh well, it was just a bit of fun and a chance to spend time with an old friend! 

Now, back to the bunker to work on my next project - thanks for reading, see y'all soon!

Edited by Mr Tree
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Oh man, didn't expect that. Maybe you made it too difficult for yourself by going with Vibe, but definitely understand the sentiment. 

Try Bosses II 😉 

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