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Tactics 2-2-1-2-3 Sharp Attack

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I have been spending nights studying a new tactics in the game.

I went for 2-2-1-2-3(4-1-2-3) no DM

GK-SK : I have only two Pure Defenders (CBs) which one of them is playing as a Libro and the other one as a BPD So the defense area will be at risk and that is why I went for Sweeping keeper to intercept counterattacking moves.

CB-Libro : With no DM, I had to get one of my center backs to perform both DM and CB role,

CB-BPD : A Libro will always leave a space so I needed someone who will hold the ball to soak pressure before the the Libro will recover.

WB-IWBs. : WingBacks was changed to Inverted to help the Libro Cover the DM hole and to support the midfield to recover and hold possession.

CM : To Operate the Midfield.

AM-AP : To Supply Creative in attacking play

AM : to Support Attacking Moves.

IF : To Cut in from the flanks and feed the TM, AM, CM, AP, etc. with pull outs.

AF : Also Supply Creative in Front Play

TM : TM's Are non selfish players in the game, the score and give assists. But reason to choose a TM over a P is, I want a player that can bring team mates into play. And they are physically strong and have aerial presence to do that.


I am an ATTACKING manager who like to play with a NARROWER width and my Tempo is determined by: how the game is been observed, and I play with FAST tempo when operating an attacking moves with THROUGH BALLS and SLOW when RUNNING AT DEFENSE.
 *I normally play with FAST TEMPO with THROUGH BALLS at home and Opposite at away games.

Their freedom is under your choice....


Due to the Libro, you will have to switch from HIGH DEFENSIVE LINE to NORMAL to avoid too many counterattacks and shortage of defenders.

But let them Still roam ALL OVER then warn them not to COMMIT themselves in Tackling(NORMAL TACKLING) and set OFFSIDE TRAP for them. Time wasting is also under your Choice.


Remember your lateral backs are IWB so DON'T LOOK FOR OVERLAPERS AND NO EARLY CROSSES(don't choose between them, they will do it themselves when necessary).
You Have more players (CM,AM-AM,IF-TM-AF) upfront to help WORK THE BALL INTO THE BOX. And as I said earlier on, my attacking move is determine by how transition looks.(fast tempo with THROUGH BALLS and slow Tempo with RUN AT DEFENSE) but I prefer short passes to others, focusing on every area on the pitch and also look to start play from keeper.






Hope it works for you. don't forget to give me your views on it.



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I'm finding it's hit and miss with Hannover in the Bundesliga (went up first season using a different tactic). It's either brilliant and you batter teams or you get taken apart. Finished in mid table so won't bother posting the full test up. I love the shape and idea behind it though, it just didn't work for me. Did manage a Cup win though;




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