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Career The Revival of AC Milan


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The Revival in Milan

Hi All!

I have been a long time lurker and played a multitude of saves and thought, hey let’s give it a go at sharing with the community!

I decided to try and bring AC Milan back to life after seasons of being Terrible! 
The plan of this Career is to win the Treble with AC Milan and create a new dynasty in Italy!

Here is a few screenshots of our transfer window, our first few fixtures and the formation and squad!


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Hi All, 

update for the first season... it went rather well!

First it was a Milan Derby in the final of the Italian Cup! Where we smashed Inter 3-0 😅

CB8F8646-7415-4A76-A348-58F91D943612.thumb.png.2291217b86264926b7b17db7b90089a4.pngYou will notice a new signing in the middle there being the wonderkid Silva!7A5F6824-5FD8-4FE8-A29E-F6AC3B6D76F6.thumb.png.859d09728bf3a3ebfac06734f2164f94.png Now you’re all thinking why with Leao there?! Well... I needed rotation as I’m playing a 4-2-3-1 and Ibrahimovic is struggling with age but has a new role as a mentor to all the new kids! FEDB9BB1-ACE6-4DB8-B476-580E78583510.thumb.png.781128b4cbfcd0232ff6be74f0f69374.pngA9206210-C4B0-4470-8E52-1BCEDCF43ED3.thumb.png.ad23101ebf6314023d3b3ff2881523cc.pngI’ve noticed it’s slowed progress down but I’ve secured him for 2 more years and these guys aren’t going anywhere!


Now it’s the most important bit of the post the league! Where did we finish the season?

It came down to the last day against Juventus (No Surprises there!)


A must win game to clinch the title! Any guesses as to what happened?!

1FF626B8-FAD5-4F48-88BF-F9116950FAE2.thumb.png.f129e97b884ed06119a1efe7df44fcb8.pngChampionsssss!! In the first season in charge after the beginning of the season where we were told that we’re just an interim manager due to ‘lack of experience’!! We won the league!! 

Now it’s onto the Champions League! Next season I’ll post a lot more updates as I rushed through the first season being new to all this.... Update tonight!!

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