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Mr Tree

Career Tree's "Football Factory" (all Youth coaches) - 30yr epic!

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7 hours ago, Mr Tree said:

:D no, I'm quite open to moving away, I have a strong squad that should be able to adapt...

But no stress if nothing occurs to you, I was just curious :)

I would go for the 3232s then. Between @taff , @BatiGoal and me we had some crazy looking tactics that actually did Work only cause the players where that good and All was attack . 

My Bebeto tactic could maybe Work . I Will try and dig some of the older ones back . In fm18 i think it was plug n Play with a 3412 Tafftastic :)

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Looks like you’ve got a formidable group of players that you’ve developed there now. I’ve sent you something over DM as you know that you can try if you want. Purely at your own risk though 😂

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16 hours ago, Dagion said:

Not sure if anyone made a tactic like that, but being a fan of the 3 at the back I would like to see one with 3 at the back and 2 defensive mids.

Preferably also an ML and MR and then two AMC's and a lone striker. Just like the shape of that, but never get any good ratings for DMC's..

Cheers, but I was hoping for something a bit more fully-formed - I might give some of these "invincible!!!!" tactics on the forum a go, but we'll see, it depends what I find. I'll put you on the list for now ;)

The list being:

1/ BatiGoal's 4-1-4-1

2/ Foxy and Ashez's gegenpressing

3/ The Black Pearl

4/ an Ian special...

5/ AndersJ's Bebeto (placeholder, thinking if there might be something else...)

6/ Dagion's proposed 3-2-2-2-1


I'm probably gonna start with Bati's as he's been a great supporter throughout the journey, and it looks quite adaptable to the current squad, although Milambo (second striker) is not gonna be impressed having just forced his way into the team! Well we'll see how it works out anyway...

Many thanks, and I'll certainly be glad to hear of any other ideas people may have! Cheers :)

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1 hour ago, Mr Tree said:

I'm probably gonna start with Bati's as he's been a great supporter throughout the journey, and it looks quite adaptable to the current squad, although Milambo (second striker) is not gonna be impressed having just forced his way into the team! Well we'll see how it works out anyway...

Let me PM you the full tactics with a few tweaks I made from the 2017 version. Your striker is going to score 200 gls guaranteed. 😁 

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2 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

Let me PM you the full tactics with a few tweaks I made from the 2017 version. Your striker is going to score 200 gls guaranteed. 😁 

Im mine he will easy score 201 🙈😅

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That's the problem with world class players. They see right through the shenanigans Bati is trying to implement in his tactics. 😁

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1 minute ago, Dagion said:

That's the problem with world class players. They see right through the shenanigans Bati is trying to implement in his tactics. 😁

😂 Either that or it's no good in the EPL. Can't remember if I've ever used this in the EPL, so maybe it's defensively not strong enough for it to work there. 

34 minutes ago, Ian said:

Early days, it may take your boys a little while to get used to the system. Hopefully you won’t get the dreaded sack.

Let's hope he's got this one unlocked already. 

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49 minutes ago, BatiGoal said:

😂 Either that or it's no good in the EPL. Can't remember if I've ever used this in the EPL, so maybe it's defensively not strong enough for it to work there. 

Let's hope he's got this one unlocked already. 

@Mr Tree let me know when you are ready for a real tactic 😜😂

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Season 21

So we started off this part of the save by using the @BatiGoal"classic" tactic, with a few specific updates offered by the creator, who (I'm hearing now) apparently "never tried" this tactic in the EPL.....

The season started off inauspiciously, with a horrible youth class:


But after the early wobble described above, we got rolling:


There was a period too where Toby and Mario were alternating hat-tricks, which was pretty nice!

However we did under-perform overall. There could be many reasons, I won't go into it all, and certainly I think the tactic was the least of the concerns. I was surprised how poorly some of my guys adapted to it, with the defence particularly looking vulnerable. There was a bit of transition within the team/squad this year, with Hahn being a particular disappointment - thought he was gonna love the AP role, but maybe it just came a year too late for him. He was decidedly "meh" and I ended up selling him at the end of the season - I rarely get sons on here as I tend to ditch old players!

We suffered our earliest UCL exit in years, albeit after being handed a tough tie with our old friends at Barcelona. A poor first leg inspired "protest" from these ungrateful wretches...


And we couldn't salvage it, with Toby getting wound up and nutting someone on our last corner...


We didn't get the domestic cups either - I tend to play the youths anyway, and they lost to Liverpool in the Carabao semis, and Palace in the FA Cup 5th round...

And we kept dropping poor games in the league. Brighton (last year's runners up) were still a power, and Arsenal (last year's nemesis) were awesome, holding an 11pt lead with 10 games to go...


We reached desperation point, needing to win all our remaining games AND hope that Arsenal fell apart...

But this was unbelievable:


After my young left-back (!!) missed a late penalty on the final day, Cogdog popped up with the Aguerooooooo moment, and we'd done it:


That late win over Arsenal was the end of a run of 7pts in 7 games for them as they bottled it, and it put me on top for the first time in the season. "All" I had to was win out from there to hang on on goal difference...


Squad overview:


Nothing extraordinary, but some nice numbers :)

Two Rising Stars of the season:



And as for the England squad, well veteran defenders Bailey and Blackett are the only "extras" in there, which is pretty poor from the rest of my exes, to be honest. So 7 past or present bees in total:


Next up - apart from loaning out my full-backs, my squad doesn't seem to need too much surgery to adapt to an @Ian offering - the only "tried and tested" "works in FMM20" offering I've had so far. So I'll give that a go!

Thanks for reading :)

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For those with little time to read your career update, allow me to recap things:

  • BatiGoal saves Mr Tree from the sack again
  • BatiGoal masterminds Toby & Mario hat-trick dance
  • Brentford EPL Champs thanks to BatiGoal's tactic

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Even world class players can only stay confused for so long. In the end the pure individual class of Toby & Mario showed.

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Season 22

@Ian kindly discussed the details of a cavalier formation that's done him proud in the Liverpool Front Three challenge - I won't post the shape etc here but suffice to say, the crowds were entertained!

My youth crop this year - not much, but young Rogers did grab our last goal of the season...


Our Champions League campaign started out in crazy style - the thrashing by Barca had me worried, but then I won the other five games 26-1, including a 6-0 win by my reserves at the Nou Camp!


I thought the best way to show the league campaign was in comparison to others... More goals scored, but a bit leaky at the back :D


My only defeat was a 5-1 February thrashing by relegation-threatened Leeds! 😮

We were on the ropes in the Champions League, but managed to pick ourselves up defiantly...


And after beating Roma 10-6 in the semi, we demolished Sevilla in the final:


We added the FA Cup but got knocked out in the first round of the Carabao and we came heartbreakingly close to our first LT :(


The final stats - Ian told me the number 10 was a vital player and Marti had a sensational season, as did Toby of course:




The youth drive is still in operation too - Buckley is my lad on loan, so a clean sweep for the bees :)


And we had a plethora of rising stars, completing the transition from last year's team...




Iseguan took over as my number one, although his goals conceded stats took a battering in our gung-ho system!


Seven past or present bees in the England squad, my five plus Farndon and Walker-Peters:



Thanks for reading! I'm still weighing up what to do next - should do the gegenpressing formation but I need to read the accompanying essay first to do it justice! (Plus assess how easily my squad can transition to it, etc...)

Edited by Mr Tree

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Looks like you are having fun with testing the tactics, still not quite having the luck with the England squad I'm certain you deserve more players in the squad.

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Season 23

Starting with the new youth graduates of course - Power looks a decent prospect for sure :)


I went for the @Foxy and @Ashez gegenpressing formation this season, confident that my well-rounded squad could adapt. I was a bit worried if we had enough pace in the squad, as I don't look for it but it's a big part of this tactic - I was glad to find we were pretty well off in this regard though :)


The boys had to adapt quickly though, as we were in the middle of the Club World Championship. The tight schedule of that tournament, too, makes the highly taxing formation a bit tricky, but our reserve right-winger bagged a hat-trick in the final as we defended our title:


And we went unbeaten all season, stretching our overall run to 87 games (since Leeds beat us 5-1!). This was my first unbeaten league campaign of the career, and my best defensive performance, while the cup losses were all to penalty shootouts.


This was a funny one - the podium of the Young Player of the Month full of my loaned-out lads:


We finally bagged the big one:


The formation was powerful, but we didn't get too many thrashings, just overpowered each team. See the run-in here for example:


And here's an example game. Wtf are those attempted crosses about?


But yeah just 6% of the game in my third, with 59% in midfield and 35% in their third.


Anyway, here's the overview of my best performers. I had Ojebode pushed up and Milambo on the wing for ages, before realising that the other way round would be better. Toby took a while to adapt to being a number 10 but he was enjoying himself by the end.


Toby is still the top dog. A slightly bizarre nomination for Yarney, who averaged under 7 and was fined twice for letting us down with regular 6/10 performances!


I didn't think my CB recruit from last year would have enough pace - he wasn't first choice at the start of the season. But an injury opened to door and he was probably our best "Rising Star" by the end :)


9 past or present bees in the England squad, 7 from my current team and two old ones - Reed, who I released at the end of last year (I'd have kept him as a backup but he didn't want to sign a new contract), and Rushworth, a keeper I let go years ago:




I thought there'd be a few more like that over the years, but it hasn't worked out that way.

I had a little look at the assistant's report from the world cup - looks like England and in particular Toby are having some fun!!



Thanks for reading - next up, The Black Pearl!

Edited by Mr Tree

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Thanks for testing the tactic @Mr Tree.

Looking at the season overall it seems like the tactic still works in much the same way. I always found it was good for dominating teams and overwhelming them but not necessarily one that racks up enormous score lines or end to end matches.

Not sure I ever saw that many crosses in a match though 😳

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Looks like a very good season. I wouldn’t worry much about the cup defeats as I’ve personally found the cups to be incredibly random this year. Look forward to seeing how the black pearl performs next. 

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Many thanks @Foxy @Ian @broodje kip and @Paul186!

Season 24

England continued their great run all the way through to the World Cup final, where..... Oh :(


My youth crop for the new season:


The Black Pearl did us proud, although...


We lost our first league game of the season!! So our unbeaten run ended at 87.

So yeah, we started slowly but once I got the roles sorted out, we were laughing. Check out this total shut-out of Man City :)


Still an insane amount of crosses...

City are not at the very top at this point of the game, but Barca in the CL final were tasty opponents. They couldn't live with us, though:


Stats from the season:


Some rising stars... Dillon forced his way into contention for the RB slot:


Hetzke was a good CB option I picked up for £10m:


And Buckley finally broke through - signed him as a kid from Plymouth:


My front three might be as good as the famed Liverpool front three - have they ever done a clean sweep of the POTM podium?!


Toby retained his title and we clean-swept the Best Player in Europe awards, too. Still not quite sure why they all love Yarney so much......


Another prize for me:


And we end the season with 11 past or present bees in the England squad - some of mine started to get their long-overdue recognition, so nine current, plus Rushworth and Reed former players...



Next up, I'm trying AndersJ's Bebeto tactic (spoiler alert - I'm already at October, it's good fun!). And then the floor is open - I'll scour the forums, unless anyone has any suggestions...


As always, thanks for reading!

Edited by Mr Tree

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Many thanks, @broodje kip!

Season 25

This season I used @AndersJ's "Bebeto" tactic, which is easy to find but let's call it essentially a very attacking 4-4-2 ;) I played it exactly as prescribed, with a front two of DLF and AF... But after about 10-15 games, I switched Toby to a CF (his natural role) and his partner to Poacher. We started slowly and DLF didn't seem to be doing it for me - I had been curious to try it, and I figured they played a role in stitching together attacking moves, but I reasoned that Toby's "completeness" would lead to him doing similar...

It worked out pretty well - we had a great fun year, with the squad growing nicely :)

First as always, a look at our new youngsters:


Zero impact this year - Sheckleford joins my eternally long list of wingers.

Season overview:


I don't care about the domestic cups - they're a nice bonus and a good chance for my fringe players to play :)

Smashed the league though - confirmed the title on March 20th with my best points total, most goals scored, and much fewer conceded than the previous high-scoring season:


When we were rolling, it went like this:


The draw at Atletico was without any of my regular starting XI cos we'd already qualified, and the draw against Barnsley ended my winning start to the season. Bloody Barnsley, they've become a thorn in my side! Think they disrupted me last year, and knocked me out of the FA Cup this year!

And yes, we won one game 8-4...


Avid readers might remember that Brighton are big boys in my game at the moment, but I've had the upper hand in our rivalry (obv), including doing them twice 3-6 at the AMEX. So this was just an escalation of those past battles!

Here is an example of the stats the tactic was producing, thrashing 2nd-placed Liverpool 5-0...


Or a good game here from the Champions League knockout stages:


Toby picked up 2x three-week knocks during the season, otherwise it could have been monstrous:


He's still the reigning World and European footballer of the year, too:


Buck stepped up well to be our second top-scorer:


Quick shout-out to my boy João, who might be the second-best left back in the world, but the best is already at my club (Loovens). Great averages for both:


And Cartwright might not be amazing but he made a good run at becoming Toby's main partner this season. I had so many goals that the screen above actually misses another three players who had double-figures in goals and assists!


And all that left with me more than half the England squad having a bees connection - 10 of my own plus two keepers who've left me, Rushworth and Iseguan... The latter a bit of a shame, but he wanted a new challenge so I found someone else and offered him in part exchange...



What next? I decided to go through the forum in order of "most viewed" threads to get an idea of what resonated. Did not particularly realise that Tactics were so popular! (So this will work quite well...)


I'm not gonna use them all in order or anything, especially as it looks as though there may be some overlap - but @Emskaro's thread has far and away the most views this year, so I'll give it a go. It's quite similar to the Black Pearl, but let's see how it goes...

Edited by Mr Tree

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