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Mr Tree

Career Tree's "Football Factory" (all Youth coaches) - Season 10

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11 hours ago, Mr Tree said:

you can never have too many right-backs, I think the saying goes.

😂 That comment has just brought me a great idea for a challenge. Potentially. Hope I can make it work. 

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· Posted (edited)

So otherwise, thanks @Dagion and @smoggy90 for your comments, highly appreciated! And @Paul186... I'll explain but, you played a large part ;)

Season Eight

A couple of decent talents here - both ended up having impressive first seasons. Stevens was on the bench a lot and responded well to Lafont's mentoring, while East got some goals in the cups. I'm finding the mentoring most effective in the first year - they seem to pretty quickly get messages saying "mentoring no longer likely to be useful" etc.



AssMan was happy about the "characters" of the squad:



And there was a lot to like here, although still a bit leadership required:



An old friend returned to England and became an enemy......



There was another (?) World XI and Seb retained his spot:



We left glorious Griffin Park in style:



And we smashed Man City in our first game in the new place too. I was tempted to use the placeholder name for the new ground that we're moving to in real life, but I ended up using the "joke" name that we came up with on the Brentford forums - I think it originated from someone, during the new stadium name debate, saying "oh for god's sake who cares, just call it Susan!" and it stuck (and led to many other silly jokes).



We were in the mix and progressing fine... until a disastrous December, when we lost two games 3-0, quite inexplicably, before taking one point from two games against 1st and 2nd on December 26th and 28th - the second one this savage FMMing:



I rage-quit and went to bed in a right huff :D

The next morning, I saw Paul's comment about selling my Messi-regen and I thought yeah, let's get rid of him. I had plenty of other talents on the wings, and he was a disruptive little shit, constantly "struggling to be motivated" for Champions League semi-finals etc...

He got one more world XI nomination, although I hated seeing all that P$G representation...



...but I ditched him the next day. Couldn't get a buyer though! Ridiculous - he's on a good wage but not big enough to put off the biggest clubs, especially considering what a star he is. Stupid game. So I left him rotting in my reserves, and our form picked up. The game was in a better mood with me, allowing me to have a revenge FMM-ing:



And that game proved crucial!

I was a bit unlucky to go out in the FA Cup:



I won the Carabao, and funnily enough I was using my youngsters a lot in most cup games, but I played nearly my strongest team in that game against Chelsea because the international break was straight after. Maybe my strongest team isn't my strongest team!!

The title race came down to the last day... And Man Utd blew it :D




Crespo did well to win awards despite not playing the second half of the season!




My Spanish 24yo striker getting a surprise podium finish in the Young Player award there too....

But of course, no space in the team of the year for the champs or owners of the player of the year :)



As long as I get my award:



And we added the European crown in style:



Which earned me Sugar Daddy:



The squad overview. Fraser was away on loan for a while, wiping out stats from earlier in the season. An aging Benrahma didn't play (much) until Crespo dropped out. Strikers finally firing properly! Yao stepped up on the wing, and Kana's goals were mostly penalties - don't know how he got the job, and he eventually lost it as he missed a few...



My manager profile. How the fk is the Youth Policy measured!



Some of my prospects:








I know keepers aren't much to look at, especially without keeper coaches, but 14-15-15 on the main skills is pretty useful at a young age!

The England squad:



With three current bees including two stars of the team... Plus one former bee, striker Kinnear:



So this is starting to improve - up to 4 past or present bees now!

Thanks for reading - have a great weekend!

Edited by Mr Tree

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Vose looks brilliant! I only seem to find flawed youthful goalies, nice stats but then a 1 for communication or something like that. Or technique. 

Regarding the Youth Policy, maybe scout like crazy for youth? Or buy young players? Not sure, it always seems decent in my saves (like 13 or something).

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15 hours ago, Mr Tree said:



Manager numbers are messed up, youth policy makes zero sense apparently. How about the domestic player bias? Looks like it's entirely based on your transfers in and not on the overall % of nationalities in your squad. 🤔 

This is a very good read, Tree! 

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Great job with the career . Like watching the youth progress and good to know loans do work to help a youngster develop 👍.. Will you bring him up from reserves or sell him getting up there age wise to make a decision on Leon ?? Think you will find a buyer for Messi jr ? Kinda dumb he got all the awards sitting in reserves they should have minimum # of games played in EPL to be eligible . 

If you got time has any youth player you let go turned out to be a good player ? Any surprises where they are currently sort of a “Where Are They Now” type update ? 

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Thanks for your comments @Dagion @BatiGoal @Paul186! And @DIRECTFX, I got some screenshots ready for a "Where Are They Now?" post, but I'll keep it separate - maybe tomorrow or Wednesday...

Season Nine

A very meh bunch coming up this year...


We did find a buyer for the Messi regen:



And of course we ended up playing Bayern in Europe :(

But by now, it really didn't matter much, as we had a dominant season, domestic cups aside:



The community shield was a shrug but we won the Super Cup in style:


And we rolled through the Prem, confirming the title with three games to go:


Odsonne leading the way:



4 in the team of the year... I know it looks like five, but the fifth in red-n-white stripes, Moro, is just an ex-bee...


Of course I'm the king:


I even got my first World Coach podium place this year:


We survived a tricky early knockout tie with Monaco:


And Bayern (with our mate crespo) gave us a tricky semi, with a 2-2 draw in England. But I smashed them in the "third quarter" to cruise home:


And we came back from 2-0 down in the final, with a late equaliser, surviving 10 men for the last 20mins (made all my subs already) :


Bit unlucky with the domestic cups, my young teams losing away to decent prem sides:



I played city in the league a few days later and won 4-2 :)

The Team Report at the start of the season made for nice reading :)


But alas Lafont, who spent all five years of his contract being "unsettled" without explanation...


...wouldn't even consider a new deal with time running down on his existing one:


So I listed him without takers, but the kid Vose was doing well enough that I just put Lafont in the reserves the rest of the way. Liverpool were the only team to beat me at this point, 3-1 at anfield, but Vose got MOM as we snuffed them out at home:


I wondered what impact we'd see after only conceding 9 goals in the first half of the league season, but the kid did outstandingly, conceding only 4 in the second half...


We had some big injuries this year, with this a sickener for Joe:


And then my young 3rd-string AP, who was coming along nicely...


...had this happen:


This was he looked when it happened:


Still, one door closes and all that - big chance for Uche to stake a claim now...


Meanwhile my Spanish/Ivorian winger (who's he a regen of? I trained him to light-green in the AML position, he was already light-green in the other three), who looked like this by now...


...joined Crespo in the World XI :)


And my other winger wasn't shabby either:


And this guy barged past Hahn to be "first backup winger":


Axel continued to develop into a quality rock at the back too:


Best player in England, in fact... 7 of the top 10 were mine, with number 9 on loan from me :)


The rest of the world still don't respect us much though :(


Although young striker Mario is seen as the brightest young thing in the world :)


The stats overview for the season:


And a look at them in value-order:



Manager profile - and funnily enough, a not-amazing-but-not-awful Manager 1000 club achieved in 499 games (with the 2-2 draw vs Barca being Game 500)


And a new high-water mark with FIVE past or present bees in the England squad, as they finally called up Thornton for the Euros, so my four in yellow are joined by my ex-striker Kinnear:



Fair play to you if you read all that :D many thanks! All the best :)

Edited by Mr Tree

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Wow. 13 months. Didn't see that one before, hope he recovers from it, seen it happen with the 8/9 months one.

The top 10 looks excellent that way 😁

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Many thanks for your comments @Paul186 @smoggy90 @Dagion and @LTFC - yeah, poor Otta didn't figure at all the next season, but he did go out on loan to Ukraine for the last few weeks and I've ended up listing Aouar now which should give him a chance to compete a bit in season 11.

I'll post season 10 tomorrow probably, but for now, as @DIRECTFX requested, a little "Where Are They Now?"

Season 1's Rising Stars


Got a lot of time for these two wingers in real life... They had their moments with me, Joe got close to making it in the big-time, but eventually they had to go.

Joe's done alright for himself:


Halil, alas, has joined the Putney scum:



Season 2 academy graduates:


I'll only show the ones I actually promoted, cos the others didn't even benefit from our fantastic coaching. Here was the first crop:




Not much there - my academy was still pretty poor at this point, remember...

Season 2's Rising Star:


Marcus did well for a while, then went off the boil as we rose to the very top. Doing alright for himself in France now:



Season 3 academy graduates:



Small was obviously the stand-out, and he's battled his way through to be my regular LB and an England international:


Big Cam is still with us too - I like him but he's not quite good enough for the elite level (regularly). Useful backup though :)


Otherwise there was DMC Spinelli, who I'm pretty sure broke his leg or something with me :(


And young forward English, who never got far with me:



Season 3's Rising Stars


One remains, but he's falling down the pecking order...


And one has moved on:


Season 4 academy graduates:



Keeper Todd never really got anywhere with me:


Neither did midfielder Mills:


But striker Fraser and full-back Nadesan have hung around:



Tyson and Roberts-Hutton weren't much cop...




Season 4's Rising Stars:


Actually, there was Small, previously mentioned, plus Hare, who I liked but just could never squeeze into the team:



Season 5 academy graduates:



Thornton has popped up a bit lately, so you know he's doing well.

I love Mooney too - it's taken some nurturing to bring him through but in Season 10 he firmly becomes my first-choice BWM:


Blackett's popped up a bit too, he's done well:


Emmanuel was decent but I had someone better coming through, so I got rid of him:


Barker scored two on his debut in a cup - but I listed him this summer, got too many wingers and he wasn't making it...


And Hewlett was unlucky, got a nasty injury so dropped back a bit, no use for me:1283026108_Screenshot_20200406-135117_FM20Mobile.thumb.jpg.fd77a9d693cce2382cd390315979c3e6.jpg1363272278_Screenshot_20200406-135121_FM20Mobile.thumb.jpg.aec20f47b4938c540849eeb4d7994477.jpg


So that's a good chunk taking us up to the kids who've now had five years in the game. I'll try to do another update in due course... Thanks!

Edited by Mr Tree

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Just caught up again, you are doing fantastic. Nice point margin you achieved in that last season, I always use it to test my youngsters, and I'm sure you also make the most of those 3 or 4 games you have after winning the league. Very good talents, I can't see Thornton anywhere near the level I expected from him, my bet on the best rising start is now on Small, what a player! It's very hard to get good left wingbacks in the game, so you got a gem there. KIU 

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Many thanks @BatiGoal and @S4NCH0!


Season Ten

Another inauspicious bunch - guess I've been spoiled and you can't get stars every year, but bleh...


Executive summary:


Youngsters unlucky in the first league cup game for the only real black spot on the season.

Mario cemented his spot as the best young star in the world:


We were unlucky to lose out in a cracking Euro Super Cup:


Mario kept racking up the plaudits:


We finally got a clean sweep here - yeah, Bailey and Walker are mine, out on loan:


My Reserves finished bottom - expecting better to be honest, should be a decent squad for that level!!


But fortunately no such worries for the big boys - my fourth title in a row, and a third silver medal in four years for Liverpool :)


I had it wrapped up three games from the end, so I was able to go young for the final few games:


We had so much quality young talent that we got a clean sweep of the Young Players award:


...as well as for the seniors:


Plus domination of the Team of the Year:


But all this couldn't get me past these illustrious managers for my customary award - "voter fatigue", I suppose!


In the FA Cup, we survived a legendary quarter-final...


And thrashed Liverpool 1-0 in the final:


And we won the Champions League for the third season in a row, winning on penalties again after beating Barca the same way last year:


We finally got there on our FOURTH match-point! And that doesn't tell the whole story - we were 2-0 up against 10 men but they scored two late goals, one deep in injury time. We battered them again in extra time but couldn't get a goal... I'd have been gutted if we didn't win!

Squad overview:


Rising Stars - Bailey had a productive season away on loan, and looks good to take over as Gomez, Tuanzebe and Adarabioyo age...


Rechel took over as first-choice right-back:


And Aarons stepped up well when he got chances as the backup:


Cole has rendered Kana surplus to requirements (with Mooney taking over as the starter BWM) :


However, we're down to 3 past and present bees in the England squad, from last year's PB of 5 - Small was injured towards the end of the season, and Tuanzebe had injury issues too and struggled to get back into my team or the national squad...



I'll try and refine the updates going forward, as obviously most names will be regens. Hopefully they'll still be interesting! And yeah, not a bad 10 years. Jury's still out but the all-Youth coaches doesn't seem to have a negative effect, anyway! We'll see how the next generation come through - could have a very nice squad if all goes to plan...

Thanks for reading!

Edited by Mr Tree

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43 minutes ago, Mr Tree said:

I'll try and refine the updates going forward, as obviously most names will be regens. Hopefully they'll still be interesting! And yeah, not a bad 10 years. Jury's still out but the all-Youth coaches doesn't seem to have a negative effect, anyway! We'll see how the next generation come through - could have a very nice squad if all goes to plan...

Thanks for reading!

Not negative but do you think they have a positive effect? I always go for General, Fitness, Youth and Attacking and myself as a Motivational but I'm really not sure what the actual effect is of their differences. 

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Great stuff, Tree. Team A setting the world on fire again. Bit disappointing to see Team B at the bottom. Any idea what your Reserves Team's best finish has been? 

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Engana is a beat! Omg he alone created 42 goals, those stats are mad. once again a clean sweep of mayor competitions, congrats!

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Well done on another great season, the England manager needs to be sacked he got no idea he should be picking more Bees players

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