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Chat No Transfer Fee Value

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So I've been playing FMH/FMM since 2015. And have encountered many problems, one such is that alot of players don't have values stated in their "history" segment.  

Lets say I have a player "ABC" in my club who was on loan at another club for 2018-19 season (no stats of goals or appearances) . Now this ABC is permanently in the club but doesn't have any transfer fee value written.

Even if the player is transferred it has either, Undisc./(Value)/Free but many players doesn't have these values.

I'd like to assume that SI/SEGA hasn't really dwelled in properly. 

Anyway is there any way to edit this? 

Coz after paying over Rs.699/$9.29 for a game. (Very unlikely from my side) I'd surely like to see everything perfectly.

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Grammatical errors.
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1 hour ago, pr45h4nt51ngh said:

Coz after paying over Rs.699 for a game. (Very unlikely from my side) I'd surely like to see everything perfectly.

:D not gonna happen. We have a long list of bugs here - it's a complex game. The problem you describe is really a drop in the ocean, far from a game-breaker. Good luck with it! Hope you will join in and post a career for us? 👍

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