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Career My First Career - Manchester United - Closed


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Being very very new to the game, I went with the obvious choice of club for me. The Club I support with all my heart - The Red Devils i.e. Manchester United.

Manchester United are most successful domestic club in England, where arguably most difficult league in the world hosts innumerable number of amazing footballing moments. Also, Manchester United is the only English club to have all competitions after our Europa League Triumph in 2016/17 season.

So, we hit pre-season. There is no transfer business to take care of as I already have first and second teams in mind for the season. Our ambitions are modest this season - All we want is European Champions Cup Qualification.

Pre-Season Stats :

Record : 2-0-1

Player Statistics :


Not a great pre-season, where team struggled creatively, causing lot of problems. We suffered a pretty devastating loss to Liverpool at Anfield, losing 4-1.


Hope to start new season with a bang, we start our league conquest against Norwich at Carrow Road.

Trivia : Last Norwich-United match was back in 2015/16 Season in premier league, which United won by 1-0.

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Can't wait to see how this goes being a United fan myself. 

However, before this season the last Norwich vs United match was in the 2015/16 season where United won 1-0.

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9 hours ago, ChinaDave24 said:

Can't wait to see how this goes being a United fan myself. 

However, before this season the last Norwich vs United match was in the 2015/16 season where United won 1-0.

Edited.. I was thinking about our FA cup game, causing the confusion..!

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4 hours ago, Ian said:

Good luck but not too much based on your club of choice 😂



Enemy Spotted..


5 hours ago, Cockers2505 said:

First thing First - BUY a good Striker 🤣 or have a striker, Rashford, Martial are both IF's to be truthful

Chong and Greenwood are doing decent work..

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Goodluck man, really hope you get united back dominating again

Also, kinda intrigue since both Bruno and Pogba are at the club, sooo.. do you play both of em in the centre or put one of them in the 10 role since i'm quite certain you'll play Pogba as the BBM

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Season Update :

We set our goal to be champions league qualification in line with the real expectations in the United Camp. As, I wanted to be close to real world in Season 1, there were very few transfers as I needed to cover DM position after poor performances from Nemanja Matic, and Backup GK comes in after departure of Sergio Romero.

Complete Transfer Business :



Cup Competitions :

We were knocked out of the Carabao Cup in Fourth Round, after coming against Tottenham.


We were knocked out of Europa League after a crushing away defeat to Sevilla, in the Quarter Finals.

Our very first and only trophy of the season came in the form of FA Cup, beating ‘The Enemy’ Liverpool.


To Summarise, We had a disappointing run in the Cup Tournaments. Most crushing of them was the Europa League exit, which we were tipped to win. But FA Cup win at the end of the season did put some smiles on the faces of supporters.

League Run :

We did achieve our goal of qualifying for the Champions Cup, Besting Arsenal by 1 point to gain Automatic Qualification to the Group Stages of the next year’s competition.


Individual Awards :

Bruno Fernandes named in Player’s Team of the Year for English Premier League.


Tahith Chong winning EURO Cup Player of the Season.


Injuries :

We suffered lot of injuries, majorly to attacking players during the course of the season (some of which left us with playing Lewit against Liverpool away at Anfield).

Entire Injury List :















Complete Run of Matches :



Season Summary :

We had a great chance of winning English Premier League which blew up because of dismal performances against Top 6 clubs (Record : 3-4-6). Winning FA Cup was icing on the pretty disappointing cake, which saw us complete our initial goal.

Player Statistics :


Thanks you all for reading..! Here’s a glass to more trophies next season.

PS :

Complete Record for this Season is 39-10-7 with GD of +62, Scoring close to 100 goals.

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Addition of Information.
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Pre-Season 2020/21

After achieving Champions League Qualification, we look to bring  few players in to bolster the squad. We get Dean Henderson as our backup GK to David De Gea, promoted from reserves as he completes his brilliant Loan Spell. Also, we spill £166M on two new players. As for players leaving, Kieran O’Hara left the club for £2.5M

Transfer Business :



Pre-Season Games :

We get our revenge on Sevilla from knocking us out of Europa League last season.


We suffered two injuries in a single Sevilla game to two important first team players.

Injury List :


Player Statistics:


See you all in Season 2, which we begin with Community Shield on the line against Manchester Rivals, Manchester City.

Trivia : Last Community Shield win for Manchester United was back in 2016 against Leister City, where we won by 2-1.

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That's a very decent first season with a nice trophy to show for. The squad looks ready now to mount a serious go for the title. Goodluck in season 2.

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4 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

That's a very decent first season with a nice trophy to show for. The squad looks ready now to mount a serious go for the title. Goodluck in season 2.

Thank you BG..!

Hope to get United back to where we belong — Top of the tree.

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Season 2 Update :

We went into season with high hopes to reach known horizons once again after finishing 3rd in the league last season. We brought 2 players in to elevate us to the top spot, or at least in the top 2 - Federico Chiesa and Declan Rice.

Cup Competitions

We started the season with a Traditional Curtain Raiser in Community Shield against Manchester City. We won the game on Penalties but not the best performance from the team.


We went into Carabao Cup with our second team and still managed to win it against Fulham in the Final.


We had a disappointing defence of our FA cup title, losing to Liverpool in Round 5.


And the big boy.. Champions Cup. We had some amazing games and some heroic individual performances in the tournament and we did manage to snag our First Champions Cup by winning the Final against Paris Saint Germain at Saint Petersburg.


League Performance :

We went with pretty modest expectations and managed to beat all of them. We won the league Away at Burnley on Matchday 37.


Injury List :

Significantly smaller number of injuries compared to last season (whew..!)









Individual Award :

After amazing performance in winning the league, I got my first manager of the year award..!


Player Statistics:


Season Summary :

We had an amazing Season, barring disappointment in FA Cup, entire season was raining silverware. We won 4 of them - FA Community Shield, Carabao Cup and two most coveted of them all - English Premier League and Champions Cup.

Complete Record for the Season is 52-7-5 with GD of +88, Scoring 116 Goals in the Season.

Thank you for reading.. See you all next Season..!

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Nice to see the trophies going to Old Trafford. Great GA in the league. The GF is maybe a little too low tho to maintain this level of success. Could be a worry for the coming seasons, if it isn't addressed. Goodluck with season 3.

Like the update style 👍 

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Final Update :

Closing this career, as I want to give some challenges try. Seen some challenging and good ones around here.

Thank you all for reading and responding. Hope to see you all in other threads. Cheers!

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