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Tactics Klopp's Gegenpressing Tactic


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Good Afternoon All,

This is my take on Jurgen Klopp's Gegenpressing tactic. The tactic is based on the team winning the ball back as soon as it loses it through aggressive pressing play. Borussia Dortmund & Liverpool have both been incredibly successful using this method.

Hope you enjoy it!48096846_Screenshot_20200328-113159_FM20Mobile.thumb.jpg.f32466e51368b3d6e64d458926dd2e5e.jpg1828291322_Screenshot_20200328-113205_FM20Mobile.thumb.jpg.ba4e19e830a5aad33006abffcb8f5182.jpg348940999_Screenshot_20200328-113210_FM20Mobile.thumb.jpg.26c1f2f2c9493eee581bf8524e01e8a4.jpg552064212_Screenshot_20200328-113238_FM20Mobile.thumb.jpg.3e05a66c2204d3ec9532aa1513cf432c.jpg

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31 minutes ago, SSolas said:

no testing yet but made up through research into the tactic.

Here's a video from a Sample Match...


You'll get more interest with results showing that it works.

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32 minutes ago, TmcnAsln09 said:

Result fixture?? 

To follow..no testing yet but just built the tactic based on thorough research of the tactic.

19 minutes ago, Schwantz34 said:

You'll get more interest with results showing that it works.

Agreed..to follow, currently tactic requires testing.

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