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Help Help with promising youngster


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So what do you do with youngsters? Do you throw them into the first team from a young age no matter what their stats are? Leave them in the reserves but try to send them out on loan for experience and when they get to a certain then put them into the first team? What is the best thing to do?


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This is not really a question to be answered, because the simple answer is what do YOU want to do?

Other Questions:

Who are you manger of?

Have you a full team of seniors players, so no places for a youngster?

Are they ready to play, i.e what are their attributes?

Do you want to send them out on loan for a couple of seasons to get more play time?

So as you can see, I am not trying to be awkward, just you need to look at your team, does a youngster fit in, is he good enough to make the first team. 

Now I will give promising Youngsters a shot in the first team IF, and IF nobody offers to Loan them, and then if they do go out on Loan, I check to see if they are getting minutes playing, otherwise I pull them back, and try again.

So there are sooooooo many outcomes here, and the next person to write on this link, will say something different, as they will have either less experience, or more experience than me, so their opinion will be again massively different.

So all I can say is, try different things, and see which fits best for you, and apologies if you wanted a straight forward answer, in my mind there isn't one.

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Also, when building for the future in lower league management I tend to play them more, so they can grow alongside the rise to the top. They tend to ask lower wages which is also nice when strapped for cash.

Sometimes I also get fed up with players wanting a new challenge, so I sell those and try to replace them with youngsters. 

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Sub appearances in League games & start them in the Cup until you feel they’re ready to start every game

I don't rely on loans at all in this year’s game, I find it really difficult to actually loan anybody out

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Ha, well, sometimes it's inexplicable why noone will take players you want to loan out, but it definitely can be useful if you can - they can improve well while they're away.

I try to blend them in, alongside reserve football and loan spells. I often find that they lose form after their first extended run, so they'll need a rest from first team football (maybe 2 or 3 months!) and then they'll come back strong. Not every player, but most.

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