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Chat Who are the most difficult team to manage?


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Question for you all ... who do you think are the hardest / most difficult team to manage, preferably in the English Premier League and/or Championship?

IDEA - am thinking of starting a new save with a really difficult team, but with a 100% transfer ban. I.e. no signings, no sales, no bringing in frees / expired contracts, no loan signings, no loans out, no contract terminations (inc. staff)!

CONSTRAINTS - the only players allowed are existing ones, youth players & offering contracts to grayed out players. Only way for players to leave is when their contact expires. Only way to get new staff is to promote players into non-playing roles. Something like that.

Should make things much harder. Q: What happens to that star player who demands a transfer? A: he stays until his contract expires. Q: have too many players? A: no new players until their contract expire. Q: what happens when your squad of +30 young academy stars all want +100k/week, and you can’t afford it? A: no player sales, so find a way to manage ... Will change how I manage & build a team. 

I play FMM19, but would be delighted to see any answers for FMM19 or FMM20.

QUESTION - who would be the most difficult teams to do this with? Any suggestions ... ?

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Definitely Bolton if you are willing to go a step lower than the Championship. Only team to start with a points deduction in game I think. I find that in the Champ you can take over any team and get promoted with ease so if you want a challenge that isn’t the league to go for.

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I would say accrington are harder to manage. I have played with them before the winter patch and it is harder than Bolton. I did not enjoy the save at all.

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