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Career Cambrian & Clydach Vale Boys & Girls Club - Climb to the top


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I chose Cambrian & Clydach Vale Boys & Girls Club as they are the smallest club in the welsh North and South Divisions. The club were founded in only 1965 and have had promotions from the 3rd and 2nd divisions to now be in the Welsh South Division. I wanted to test my philosophy and skill to take Cambrian & Clydach Vale Boys & Girls Club to the top of Welsh Football.



When I came to the club, they had Poor/basic youth and 1st team facilities. As one of my first actions as manager, I asked the board to improve this and the small stadium, which they have! And the club now has state of the art facilities. However, Cambrian & Clydach Vale Boys & Girls Club still have a tiny stadium which only holds 250 fans, with an average attendance of 0!!



I have tried to improve the staffing numbers since I have arrived- this needs work but I have made a start. The finances are currently okay but making a loss, which is the result of needing to improve the squad and players.  The training is delegated over to my Assistant Manager Gareth Wilson.



I have used my modified Attacking Tiki Taka tactic for Cambrian & Clydach Vale Boys & Girls Club. The tactic has worked great due to the high fitness of the bought in players. The defence can be improved though and there have been too many draws.



Below shows the entire list of squad changes in my 1st season. There are a lot, the squad I inherited were very poor quality and almost all released. I signed almost an entire team but as a bargain as seen below.



Although the 1st season has not been completed yet, We have been confirmed as Welsh South Division CHAMPIONS🥳🥳🥳. We also did well in cup competitions, missing out on the Nathaniel MG cup to TNS. We now have a platform to go again next season.





Screenshot_20200409-000607_FM20 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20200409-000620_FM20 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20200409-000632_FM20 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20200409-000724_FM20 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20200409-000737_FM20 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20200409-000751_FM20 Mobile.jpg

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6 hours ago, SSolas said:

When I came to the club, they had Poor/basic youth and 1st team facilities. As one of my first actions as manager, I asked the board to improve this and the small stadium, which they have! And the club now has state of the art facilities.

How did you go from terrible facilities to the best facilities so quickly?

I have been at TNS for 8 and a half seasons and only got them up to Excellent/Great so I really need you to teach me your trick.

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2 hours ago, Foxy said:

How did you go from terrible facilities to the best facilities so quickly?

I have been at TNS for 8 and a half seasons and only got them up to Excellent/Great so I really need you to teach me your trick.

Many thanks Foxy for the reply. Honestly, I am not 100% sure and fear it is a bit of a glitch. I started the career as a Superstar(World Class) and Gold standard. I put myself as this as it is the level I got to with Levadiakos Football Club on my 30 season career.

Anyways, one of the first actions I take with a new club is asking the board for improved facilities and stadium. In this case, the board only told me it was improving the 1st team facilities slightly- hence the low staff members! However, when I checked back at the end the season, the board had changed this to state of the art facilities for both 1st team and youth. 

Hope this helps but yeah, no trick to it and fear it is a glitch.

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2 minutes ago, samhardy said:

What were your holiday settings?

taken them off hehe, attracted too much interest.

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In my 2nd season at Cambrian & Clydach Vale Boys & Girls Club and it was very successful! The club ended up as WINNERS of the JD Cymru Premier League!!🥳🥳  What an achievement for a club which was the worst team in Cymru South a season ago!

The Premier League was tough and competitive but we challenged strongly all season. We ended the season with the best defensive and attacking records. Our immense defence meant that we won the league by 7 points and a goal difference of 42!!

On a personal note, this has to go down as one of my biggest successes on Football Manager. I end my Welsh Management with a win rate of 70% and only 11 loses out of 75 matches. The board are understandably thrilled with my management especially as they were only expecting us to avoid relegation - something which indicates the scale of the achievement here. PS: Players to watch out for are Noah Daley & Afolayon who between them were electric!!

I leave the club in a healthy position. We have almost a full staffing structure with only scouts coming hard to come by and our facilities are all state of the art! The club now has a superb group of players and let's face it, look at the picture of the ground below, it is one hell of a place to play football! 

I would recommend Welsh football management to anyone on here.The clubs are normally set in stunning locations, the leagues are challenging and offer real competition but more than that, the country has a lot of heart. Enjoy!  


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