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Career FMM20- Barcelona FC - Mes que un club!


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I chose Barcelona FC simply because they have played the best football I have ever seen in my life around 2011. Partly made from natural talent of the players and partly the absolute tactical genius of Pep Guardiola, but the result was beautiful and successful. Now I have played FMM20 for a while, I wanted to bring back the beautiful, successful Tiki Taka back to the Camp Nou in 2020.


Barcelona FC probably has the best Stadium and Facilities in the whole of Europe, maybe the world. The Stadium, Camp Nou, has a capacity of nearly 100,000, and looks more like a coliseum to football. After asking the board on my 1st day at the club, we now have State of the Art 1st team & Youth facilities.


The training was delegated over to my World Class Assistant Manager to manage. The Staff room was made up of World Class quality coaches, including Abidal(as a scout) and Patrick Kluivert(as a coach). Finances at Barcelona FC were very secure & I walked into a treasure chest of £290m.


As is my Philosophy on FMM20, I used my Tiki Taka tactic for Barcelona FC. I changed the mentality to Attacking from Control to allow for more goals & hopefully the defenders to be needed less. The result was spectacular and no team has taken to my Tiki Taka tactic so well, the fitness and technique of the players is remarkable.


So, from when I first walked in the dressing room, the squad was already World Class. However, some changes were needed and many players on Loan etc, with one major casulty being De Jong who was good but not good enough to get into my 1st team.Of my signings to the club, Inaki Williams on the wings is 100% a star in the making, REMEMBER THE NAME! 


As an absolute fan of their football, the results as their manager were even better than I imagined. Barcelona FC won a historic treble under my management in 2020 including - La Liga, Copa Del Rey and UEFA Champions League. One set back of the season was losing the Super Cup of Spain. 

Below is a montage of my season with Barcelona FC, I hope you enjoy..


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