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Challenges The Ultimate Survivor


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Do you know what is the most exhilarating part of the football season?

Is it the European Qualification battle or Is it the battle to be crowned as the best in the land or to see a team so dominant to win a treble trying desperately to make it Into a quadruple.

If you say any of the above, think again.. because you are dead wrong..! The most exhilarating battle happens not at the top 6 but in the bottom 6.. The Relegation Battle.

Who will get relegated..? Will It be the newcomers finding life difficult in the new league or the survivors of the last season’s gruesome relegation battle..

In this challenge you will be taking part in this exhilarating race to be safe. Do you dare to win by skin of your teeth or will you go down fighting.. If you still want to go on, read the rules below. 


• Load 4 of top 5 leagues - England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain.

• You will start unemployed and you will be unemployed till Mar 15 for every Season.

• After Mar 15 of every season, you will look for jobs all around the countries with the teams in bottom 2. If job is not available, go ahead to the next year.

• Battle against relegation to be safe or secure the drop.

• After start of new season, resign from the club and wait for the next club.

• Challenge ends after you take charge of clubs for 100 games. 

Challenge Score :

• Every Unique League Safe from Relegation: +10

• Duplicate League Safe from Relegation: +2

• Season Bonus Score : + (final position) / 10

• Boost Bonus :  Season Points 

Boosts Explained :

• There are 3 boosts available per career for this challenge.

All boosts should be applied before start of the challenge. eg At the start of challenge match numbers should be decided at which boosts will be applied. If boost is applied to Match 25, then Season Points will be - (No of goals scored in the game X 2+ No of Assists in the match X 2.5 + 5 for clean sheet)

 Rules :

- No Unlockables

- No Transfers or Loanees

- No Cheating (Obviously)

 You can take on international teams if you want but no points will be calculated towards this challenge.

So, the Question Remains : Do You Dare..? 

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