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Challenges The Battle of Bosses III


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[ The Battle of Bosses III ]


Welcome to The Battle of Bosses III. I hope you are ready for this because the battles are going to be more intense and the Bosses more brutal. In Bosses I, we as players had no bonuses for extra pts while the Bosses unfairly had theirs. In Bosses II, we finally got ours as well, though very effective it was single-use only. Now, in Bosses III, we get a bonus we can use multiple times. We get to score extra bonus pts vs every Boss in every stage. Surely this has to get you excited for the waves of pain that are heading your way.

The objective remains unchanged; outscore all 5 Bosses in an epic 5-season-long life-or-death battle to become the very best and forever stamp your name on the leaderboard. For those unfamiliar with proceedings, please have a moment to read all the info you need to know via this link. Now, let the bloody battles commence.


The introduction of the - Class System - for Class Bonus points. 

  • Archer - The epitome of dribbling skills with foot and ball. The ultimate marksman, able to make almost any shot, no matter how far or how difficult.
  • Assassin - A natural born killer trained in discreet and efficient finishing, relying on high level decision-making and surprise to perform his sole task.
  • Avenger - Dedicated to outboxing those who defile the grass. They have powers the average player does not, with additional abilities through extensive training.
  • Barbarian - While not as disciplined or technically gifted as others, he willingly activates berserker rage- becoming a feared opponent of the savage sorts.
  • Berserker - In tune with his animalistic side, achieves creative state of mind. Enables death battles longer, harder and more unpredictable than any other living thing.
  • Blade - Expert fighter and adventurer whose bardic movement speaks more intimidating and fearsome. Dashy attacking style yet lethally dangerous.
  • Bounty Hunter - Skilled in tracking prey for lawful types or underworld masters. Hones his box-invading abilities well beyond that of the average shadow.
  • Cavalier - The chivalrous warrior who epitomizes honor, loyalty, courage and physicality. Specialized in battling evil defenders of any size or level.
  • Dragon Disciple - Sorcerer with dragons' blood in lineage. Magical talent outs draconic heritage, allowing powerful kicks to exhibit dragon-like attacks.
  • Undead Hunter - Holy avenger, hones ability towards destruction of undead and unnatural adversaries. Immune to many of most devastating tackles.
  • Wild Mage - Wild magic is characterized by powerful and dangerous inward surges of unfathomable beauty. Luring many a curious or experienced shot-stopper.
  • Wizard Slayer - This slaying warrior has been specially trained by his sect to excel in hunting space and combating roadblocks for a greater goal.

It isn't as complicated as it may look. 'Classes' are tied to a unique player role and every player role has its own unique bonus. All you're asked to do is to pick a 'Class' that you think best suits your chosen player's style, or simply one he aspires to, and I'll reveal the bonus tied to it. Why not reveal bonuses before the picks? You'd be prioritizing on bonuses instead, which would eliminate the element of mystery. So for those who've got very little to live for, take on this challenge and post your intro -along with your chosen Class- in a separate career thread. I will then, and only then, reveal to you the type of bonus tied to your 'Class'. You may use this Class Bonus vs every Boss in every stage. If you manage to live that long.. 

Meet your Head-to-Head opponents:

Boss Level One - The Tower of Torment


Beat The Tower of Torment to UNLOCK team

A mutated, toweresque figure whose murderous pursuit of you makes quickly, competently, and calmly scoring goals a nightmare. The Tower of Torment is just downright terrifying, crawling and sneaking up on you, a cold-blooded monster of stone wielding a bloodied boot. The most difficult part of claiming your victory over Tower of T is surviving the tsunami of well-timed elbows he unleashes toward the end of the battle. The T of Torment is the epitome of your stereo-typical chase Boss, an adrenaline-filled nightmare. 


Zlatan Ibrahimovic - 

  • Boss Attack: Age
  • Boss Bonus: Goals


Boss Level Two - King Kun


Beat King Kun to UNLOCK team

This king of beasts has slain entire squads' worth of innocent players, managers and other members of coaching staff alike, and it’s up to you to make the pitch safe again. This Kun thing isn’t alone either; periodically during the battle it’ll summon its semi-digested victims to swarm you, taking potshots at you with its iron studs while you’re distracted. As one of the toughest fights you'll be exposed to, this is a grueling, lengthy contest against a monster that wants nothing more than your blood.


Sergio Aguëro - 

  • Boss Attack: Goals x2
  • Boss Bonus: Assists


Boss Level Three - Philosopher of Darkness


Beat Philosopher of Darkness to UNLOCK team (unless still at Liverpool)

The Philosopher of Darkness wants to impress you as much as he wants to crush you. By the time you stand face-to-face with the man himself you’ve gained enough points to be on equal footing — but then the fight moves to a whole other level, where you must defend your territory from a seemingly endless horde of loyal servants to The King of Darkness. Manage to do that and you’ll likely fall victim to a second horde of foul-smelling creatures aiming to get you shredded by turret fire.


Sadio Mané - 

  • Boss Attack: Goals
  • Boss Bonus: Club + INT Apps


Boss Level Four - The Pharaoh


Beat The Pharaoh to UNLOCK team

Fighting this heinous sandworm requires excellent endurance, patience, technical skill, and timing. It’s a challenge of enticing The Pharaoh's attention enough to expose its "weak" side, allowing for a shot through the heart. Goodluck finding one! Battling a Boss so superpowered he wasn’t initially included in this series until it was brought to light that the worst thing about Pharaoh's power is stunning opponents at a moment’s notice, leaving them entirely vulnerable to the devastating Combo of Death.


Mo Salah - 

  • Boss Attack: Goals x3
  • Boss Bonus: Not at Liverpool +10pts


Boss Level Five - Heemio - The Final Boss


Beat Heemio to COMPLETE challenge

If you've reached Heemio you are unlikely to resist playing the way you’ve been taught to play in previous battles – charge forward with all your might. However, this Final Boss is a morbid maniac with a ton of attacks and no major weaknesses. The only way to beat The H is to fire lucky shots and get a sense of which counter-attacks are coming next, how devastating they’d be, and how you might deftly avoid them. Heemio proudly takes the position of being one of those Battle Bosses that makes you want to smash the phone against the wall and scream at the top of your lungs when you continously fail to emerge victorious.


Raheem Sterling - 

  • Boss Attack: AvR x10
  • Boss Bonus: Strength + Shooting Skill pts



  • Load England, Italy + any other nation(s)
  • YES to badges, NO to unlockables
  • You may use REAL players only! 
  • NO buying players from locked Boss teams until defeated
  • Stage score is all club goals, NO INT gls
  • Your Class Bonus Pts counts in all 5 stages
  • If you change your player you no longer receive Class Bonus Pts
  • Defeat Bosses 1 -> 5 to complete the challenge


Any questions feel free to ask. Battle fair, battle hard and goodluck! 👍


The Battle of Bosses III - Leaderboard

1. 389pts - Lord Danish - Career



Edited by BatiGoal
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11 minutes ago, ThomW12 said:

Getting on this soon. If you change players can you change class?

If you change your player you lose your Class Bonus. Will add to the OP. Thanks for mentioning. 

13 minutes ago, ThomW12 said:

Also have you been playing d&d by any chance 😄 

Something to that effect 😁

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5 minutes ago, Lord Danish said:

Wouldn’t beat Mane already unlock Liverpool? What would happen if you beat Salah?

Good point, missed that. This means unlock Liverpool when beating Salah only. Thanks. 

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So I was attempting this but stopped playing for a bit and struggled to get back into it, when I eventually did return to it I forgot the rules and bought TAA and realised I couldn't do this a week or so later on, thus disqualifying me. May attempt this again soon though. 

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5 minutes ago, ThomW12 said:

So I was attempting this but stopped playing for a bit and struggled to get back into it, when I eventually did return to it I forgot the rules and bought TAA and realised I couldn't do this a week or so later on, thus disqualifying me. May attempt this again soon though. 

That sucks. That's the risk when you leave a save, speaking of experience unfortunately. Really appreciate your honesty and hope to see you trying it again at some point. 

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