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Help Tips for speeding up seasons


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What tips do people have to speed up seasons?

Lately I've been applying the following strategy: for a given (italian serie C/B/A) season, I play:

  • Each of the first leg league games
  • Each cup game
  • Each game in second leg before a cup game. So that you have the players you want fit for the cup game.

The rest of second legs I go on holiday for a day and let my assistant (or AI?) deal with it.

I've been able to successfully go from serie C to serie A, but not yet managed to make it to Europe yet.

In particular, do people have tips on how to improve scores when you go on holiday? Set the team with your assistants preferred tactic maybe? Or would you adjust per each game?

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3 minutes ago, d3rgal said:

people have tips on how to improve scores when you go on holiday? Set the team with your assistants preferred tactic maybe?

When you holiday a match the game just comes up with a random score so nothing you do will effect how good your results are in holidayed matches.

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Yeah, I never holiday, it's way too random, you can't control who players and it destroys your players fitness. Besides, I'm a control freak! 😄

I used to play the game really slowly and tweak a lot of stuff. For example, I used to spend a lot of time each match just picking who was going to play. I ended up speeding things up by having two separate Selections saved and just applying them in turn for each match. Sure, you need to replace injured players etc, but that's way quicker than manually rotating players around. I guess I still do that at the start of a career, but as I build the squad up, I move to the two Selections approach.

Actually, I'm much slower with everything at the start of a career. I watch the highlights to start with so I can see what's going on on the pitch and tweak things, but as the team gets better, I move to the goal replays, then 5 or 6 seasons in, I go text only to whip through the seasons. Likewise, at the start I am micro-managing the matches to get the bet possible result, but as the team becomes better, I don't need to do that. Same with transfers, I spend a lot of time with that in the beginning, but need less time as it goes on. 

Not sure if any of that helps. 

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First of all, thanks everyone for commenting, very interesting comments :)

To add more details, when I play a game, I play with extended highlights and pitch view. So, might try key highlights and just commentary and see if that works better for the 2nd leg games and still gets through them fast enough (thx @samhardy).

@Scratch thx for the details! Yeah, when I play I do like to control exactly who plays, depending who I'm playing against...etc. I'll try to add some selections at the start and see if I can rotate between them.

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I normally just set up a 1st choice team, and a 2nd choice. First plays important league games/later stages of europe/cups, 2nd plays lower league/early cup etc. 

Rotate players between the two cause of injuries, suspension, form etc. 

Re-assess both squads at end of a transfer window to ensure players are where I need them. 

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